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    • Rebarka Sterling

      Because your Kiss is on Mal's List

      "You begged! You PLEADED! And your Malevolent Mistress of Malice has taken pity on us all! I am delighted to present the first outside contribution to Care of the Dog from the lovely and brilliant Miss Malicia! " ---Malicia Macawber's OFFICIAL Top Kiss List (more creative title pending)--- #5 L...

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      • Rebarka Sterling

        The Woof, The Bad, and the Lovely. Or How Malicia got her Book Deal.

        Rebarka Sterling, most glamorous creature under three feet tall sat at her normal table at the trendiest restaurant in St. Canard.  It was so hip, so chic they didn't even bother putting the name on the place.  If you needed to ask where it was? Then you weren't cool enough to get in.&n...

        Tags: Malicia Macawber, Rebarka Sterling, evil witches, mouthy snitches, drinking and plotting, Malicia's Tell All, More like Tell Some

        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          BFFs 5 Ever

          "Just out on the town with my grrrrrlfrand, Rebarka!"  (as always, thank you Icequeenkitty for the beautiful imagery).

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