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    • Crimson Cowl

      Crimson Cowl

      About: MAJOR RETCON/REWRITE FROM ORIGINAL, PLEASE READ.   "I am the ember burning bright in the darkness of Peking. I am the red light that shines bright upon your crimes, I AM...



      • Negaduck

        RP: Another Lifetime

        ...rface was inlaid with channels of silver, and the waist high sides covered with engravings. They would not be resting in peace for long. [[RETCON IN PROGRESS. All are welcome...

        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          Character Bio: Malicia Macawber (Retcon Edition)

            Once upon a time, a narcissistic demonness fell in love with a psychopathic supervillain. Together, they wreaked havoc wherever they went, spreading fear and...

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          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

            All about 'Rektcon'

            ...on is now in effect. This mass retcon was triggered by Negaduck aft...ibing Duckverse's first site-wide retcon. In other words: The proverbi...their stories. "How does this retcon affect me and my characters?"...ths or less will likely find this retcon makes it easier to get involv...

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            • Negaduck

              By Negaduck

              [OOC: Back for the week, then off again until March. Retcon in progress! Any questions, hit me up. Mwahahah, etc.]


              • Negaduck

                RP: Another Lifetime

                In the middle of St Canard Cemetery, crisp moonlight bounced off the firm round boulders.. atop the entrance way. The city could be heard distantly all around; all the same, it was eerily peaceful. Beautiful, even. The rows and rows of the many who came before stood tall amongst long establis...

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