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    • Negaduck

      RP: Straight Shooting

      Down by the dock of the bay. Reserved initially for Quiverwing Duck and Negaduck. The epitome of intelligence. That's the exact opposite of what that chortle was.  "I can't believes they left this shipment of golden shower heads unguarded." The mountain of a masked thug marvelled at t...

      Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Negaduck, interdimensional shenanigans

      • Quiverwing Duck

        RP: Double Identity

        The Audubon Bay Bridge was a beautiful and stately landmark with its soaring towers and graceful suspension cables. The latter could allow one access to the former, were one willing to do some courageous climbing in the often calamitous crosswinds that sometimes swept through the bay. In any cas...

        Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Drake Mallard, dealing with doubles