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    • Scarlet

      Scarlet Profile sign: Cancer Height: Same as Morgana Occupation: Playduck pin-up model and Magazine...hin reason. She is responsible. -Gives advice. She may not do it in a nice manner, but she will openly g...

      • MegaVolt

        OOC: Filling in for the Five!

        QuackerJack here, just thought I'd step in and play MegaVolt for awhile. :) Hopefully it helps build up the canon character list a bit.

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        • Torque

          Come Play

          Drawn by Kherrigan

          • Trevor Mallard

            Nice Suit

            "Oh dear. So nervous. I hope I look alright and dressed appropriately."


            • Kamkairo

              Giovanni Salvaggi

              Full name :: Celso Nasato Alias(es) :: Giovanni Salvaggi Age :: 46 Sex / Gender :: Male Species :: Virginia Op...velly, raspy, bit of a Jersey accentVoiceclaim : Brad Dourif as Chucky (Child's Play...

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                Site Rules

                Please read the FAQs page as well!   Before you can...   This is a roleplay site. No "real life" non-fict...permission is given. The roleplay here is dedicated to this par...p;Extreme Mature, R-rated roleplay is permitted , however, it mu...the character. As such, other play...

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                  .... oh you silly goose - Baby Rosa's playdate with Nikolai is interrupt...Various posts between Negs and DW (played by GS). Eastern Promises -...aking Free - Mal does an unusually nice thing for NegaPiper. Which cl...k's soul. Piper/Jade finds herself playing an incredibly irritating g...

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                  • Sophie Sarcelle

                    By Sophie Sarcelle

                    "Learning about all of the different plants and animals was fun, but can we please just rent a nice room in a lodge next time?"

                    • QuackerJack

                      By QuackerJack

                      (Something's come up and I might need a minute to clear my head before I role-play. Give me a few days.)

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                      • Gladstone Gander

                        Hug it Out

                        The Coatl Club was always on point. It seemed effortless, easy, relaxed, which was the truest indication that, this was not the case. Anyone who was around during the off hours could attest to this, which Gladstone Gander often was. Not because he was much help, although he could hold things or ...

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