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    • Dr. Reginald Bushroot

      Comment on "Hazardous harmonics"

      "Oh no, I'm fine... I heard you play and nothing bad happened... this is some nice water, I-I... for once I... I don't want any more... This is nice, really nice." Bushroot ch...ight drank from it "normally." "It's nice to not have to start from scr...

      • Piper/ Jade

        Comment on "Let the game begin..."

        ...As he approached she continued to drift backwards, or go off to the side as she needed. "But it is nice to see you willing to play with me." He'd been dominant before which was nice... but not playful, which was something she t...

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        • Lilly Teal

          Fiction, Lust and Pixie Dust

          “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything...was in a book, it must be true. ... mustn't it? Well. It was at least a nice thought to have. And nice thoughts were infinitely impo...

          • Lilly Teal

            Banking on it.

            (OOC: Temporarily reserved for Lilly and Negaduck...hings escalate.) Objectively, it could be a nicer Spring day. That didn't mean it WASN'T nice, of course, just that there h...e to pick up some groceries. It really WAS a nice day, and she felt like trying...

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            • Torque

              Come Play

              Drawn by Kherrigan

              • Trevor Mallard

                Nice Suit

                "Oh dear. So nervous. I hope I look alright and dressed appropriately."

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                • Agent Carol Torres

                  Torres Family Angst (i.e. Why Carol bakes a lot)

                  ...ching table games or cards or playing Bingo. Karaoke was in the...dame singing. Woo! It’s nice to hear song writers in perso...quo; Caitlyn fluffed her hair playfully. “I diiid learn all by yourself was such a nice surprise.” “It w...

                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                    Site Rules

                    Please read the FAQs page as well!   Before you can...   This is a roleplay site. No "real life" non-fict...permission is given. The roleplay here is dedicated to this par...p;Extreme Mature, R-rated roleplay is permitted , however, it mu...the character. As such, other play...

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                    • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

                      Hug it Out

                      The Coatl Club was always on point. It seemed effortless, easy, relaxed, which was the truest indication that, this was not the case. Anyone who was around during the off hours could attest to this, which Gladstone Gander often was. Not because he was much help, although he could hold things or ...

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