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    • Drake Mallard

      Comment on "Darkwing Descent"

      Darkwing bristled at the name. How did she know his secret identity? This alarmed him greatly as anyone could get that info out of her and that would put him along with everyone he knew in danger. "Drake?" He tried to pretend he had never heard the name before.

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "Duckverse Wiki Page Sign-Up Sheet"

        Sounds good! The due date would be Sept. 25th (one month from now) to get 'em started with some info! Doesn't have to be fully completed but enough to get it going so others can add on to it later. 

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        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          Duckverse Wiki Page Sign-Up Sheet

          ...filling in the gaps for our canon information. There's a few pages a...been created or still has minimal information, I will re-open the sl...verwing Duck Started, needs more info raven 09/25/18 Gizmodu...Darkwarrior Duck Started, needs info Goku-san 09/25/18 Padd...

          • Agent Gemini

            Just Another Day At The Office (RP)

            ...character has a paranormal/magic/monster background and you haven't received a message from me about this RP please message me for some needed OOC info before joining the RP.)) &nb...

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            • Launchpad McQuack

              Boom comics cover gallery

              will provide source info later. I have this image in one of the Ducktales comic books I bought from Boom! Studios. :)


              • Max Wicked

                The Wicked Gunlance

                ...cate the now empty bullet. To reload, Max can push the barrel open and insert a bullet. Like a shotgun to reload. And there you have it. That's the info for Max's handy sidearm, the...


                • Drake Mallard

                  Art Info and Usage

                  I do art DWD art and OC art. If you have artwork by me you may post it to your character's account. You can find most of my duck art here.http://goku-san.devianta...

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                    OOC Info (Drake Mallard)

                    ...ccounts & Duckverse OCSPosiduckTrevor MallardSixHarouRegulus RexInfo about my OCs can be found on...ther OCs that might be mentioned but don't have their own account, their info can be found on my

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                      ((OOC: Skype pooped out on me and I had to reinstall it. Please reply with or message me your contact info so I can re-add you!))