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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Comment on "RP: ...And Scarlet Makes Three"

      ...Harou's talk of Darkwing had caught the attention of  nearby warehouse workers, who had craned their necks to hear more. Oh, this'll be juicy info to talk about at the 'ol wate...

      • Drake Mallard

        Comment on "Welcome to St. Canard"

        ...n the family. What else hasn't she told me?He found himself staring at her and suddenly embarrassed as well as uneasy after this interesting bit of info was revealed. 

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        • Launchpad McQuack

          To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

          ...r, a data analyst and geographical information system (GIS) operator,...d by office guests or professional information thieves. The answer......come across something. Most of our information is updated on a regula...ouble for talking about classified information with a civilian. Even...

          • Harou

            Harou Profile

            ...away for safe keeping so no one can have access to them. Harou adopted Six after breaking him out of a lab and acts like a father to him. Other Info: -Is from the Hokkaido Pref...

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            • Launchpad McQuack

              Boom comics cover gallery

              will provide source info later. I have this image in one of the Ducktales comic books I bought from Boom! Studios. :)


              • Max Wicked

                The Wicked Gunlance

                ...cate the now empty bullet. To reload, Max can push the barrel open and insert a bullet. Like a shotgun to reload. And there you have it. That's the info for Max's handy sidearm, the...


                • Drake Mallard

                  Art Info and Usage

                  I do art DWD art and OC art. If you have artwork by me you may post it to your character's account. You can find most of my duck art here.http://goku-san.devianta...

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                  • Drake Mallard

                    OOC Info (Drake Mallard)

                    ...kverse OCSNegaduckPosiduckOliver MallardTrevor MallardSixHarouRegulus RexInfo about my OCs can be found on...ther OCs that might be mentioned but don't have their own account, their info can be found on my

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                    • DarkwingPsycho

                      By DarkwingPsycho

                      ((OOC: Skype pooped out on me and I had to reinstall it. Please reply with or message me your contact info so I can re-add you!))

                      • Moon Mom

                        By Moon Mom

                        I like gourmet food, but what I'm really craving right now is a big greasy burger that is light on the vegetables and packed with everything my brother has ever said is bad for me. Anybody know a good place in Duckburg? I'd shake down the Beagle...More