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    • Lilly Teal

      Comment on "A little night music"

      Clawson's smile was noticeably strained, as if he had many opinions on Mrs. Ballatine th...if the painting existed on the wall itself. "An original Jackson Bullock. Isn't it magnificent? Of course when I say original,...

      • Negaduck

        Comment on "RP: Opposites Attacked"

        Rocket propelled 'sausage', straight at Jacob's head. A nice duality to their original entrance to the Negaverse. A symbolic sausage, if you would.

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        • MegaVolt

          OOC: Filling in for the Five!

          QuackerJack here, just thought I'd step in and play MegaVolt for awhile. :) Hopefully it helps build up the canon character list a bit.

          • Quackerjack

            Wibbly Wobbly, Quacky Whiny... stuff (Reserved RP)

            Quackerjack laughed maniacally as he surveyed his work. It took a month, and most of his playtime, but all his hard...bsp; He now had Timetop, 2.0!! Being far better, cooler and crazier than the original!...

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            • Darkwing Merduck

              Aleki Character Card (Commish)

              This character card was drawn for me by the amazing Miss Mal! :D

              • ShootingStar

                Estelle/Shooting Star first pass

                A bit of background: Estelle was a character I created as a kid watching Darkwing Duck, and was inspired to revam...h foreign exchange student in high school (the modern version of the character is an American adult).

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                • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

                  A little tied up

                  Dorkwing's all tied up and no place ta go! (Original:

                  • Steelbeak/Steelbeak

                    Beer Belly

                    Dear ol' Negabeak (original:

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                    • Drake Mallard

                      Art Info and Usage

                      I do art DWD art and OC art. If you have artwork by me you may post it to your character's account. You can find...m/tagged/duckverseI do offer custom character icons. If you like one,...duckverse/photos/album/33671/custom-character-iconsEventually, I plan on cr...

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                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard


                        ...limit? At the moment, there is no limit on character accounts. You can create as...ator is Malicia, also known as Miss-Mal. The original duckverse website was created..., and it was too expensive to maintain. My character is not from the Disney Duck u...

                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          All about 'Rektcon'

                          .... In real-time, many of these characters and storylines began around...n pushed, sending a number of characters back to the start of their s...ns their relationship to your character may be different. "What's...oleplaying a scene with other characters!" That's totally cool! Ke...

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                          • Agent Carol Torres

                            By Agent Carol Torres

                            ((OOC: Hiya new players and those of you sitting on the back burner, looking for ideas. :D If you're hoping to find someone to be your character's new best friend (or enemy) you've come to a good place.
                            If you want to rp, just post something on...More

                            • Celeste O Emberwing

                              By Celeste O Emberwing

                              Hi guys, not sure just yet how this board works, gotta get back into the swing of things but I would love to join any RP that needs another character and I don’t have to play Celeste, or I can change her character to be different if need be. Also,...More

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                              • Negaduck

                                Lord Negaduck's Decrees

                                OOC: This group is for arcs happening within the Negaverse.  18+ content permit...d, please tag and flag as mature.  If you intend to bring a Normalverse character across, appreciate if you cou...


                                • Angel McDrake

                                  Pics of Angel McDrake

                                  Pics of Angel McDrake.

                                  Tags: OC Original Character

                                  • Angel McDrake

                                    Miss Angel McDrake

                                    Picture of Miss Angel.    Artist note: Angel is somewhat inspired by Marilyn Monroe. In fact, the top she's wearing here is inspired by one Marilyn wore in the movie "The River of No Return".

                                    Tags: OC Original Character

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