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    • Negaduck

      Lord Negaduck's Decrees

      OOC: This group is for arcs happening within the Negaverse.  18+ content permitted, please tag and flag as mature.  If you intend to bring a Normalverse character across, appreciate if you could message me in advance to discuss. There's only one portal across currently; crossing ain'...

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      • Piper/ Jade

        A woman scorned...

        ((Reserved at this time for Piper (and nips), Jacob, Lilly (et al) and Gladstone. PM either myself or Jacob if you wanna slip in.))—- She wasn’t stupid by any stretch of the word. NegaPiper was actually quite intelligent, and she knew that once Jacob had sent her off, chances were, h...

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        • Agent Gemini

          Two and a Half Middle-versers (RP)

          Harmonizer received an e-mail from Gemma's address. It was just sent a little after 11 pm just now.   Hey! Sorry for the short notice but I just got a call from a trusted friend that he had an important job he gave over to me. I need to escort a client to t...

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          • Negaduck

            Prequel: Raising Hell

            It wasn't possible to overdose on violence. Not for the newly crowned King of Crime himself, the guy who put the.. well, 'hater' in dictator, the most feared, the most loathsome, Negaduck. Yet he may have overdone it slightly on the looting.  "Man, I don't remember anything after torching...

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            • Celeste O Emberwing

              Not Meant to Be

              Celeste Tealwing had always been alone. Even before Lord Negaduck had burned down the orphanage, even among orphans, she had stood out as ...unusual. Like some invisible force pushed everyone and everything around her away.  This had made her sad as a child, but now, at fourteen, she just ac...

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