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    • Darkwing Duck

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      ...side of the photo and squinting closely.  Finally he pulled out a magnifying glass and narrowed his eyes.  "I should have known.  Moliarty!  He has a pattern of sn...

      • Duck Avenger

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        Duck Avenger followed Darkwing out of the office. He rubbed his hands together at the prospects of meeting this so-called, "Moliarty", and teaching him a thing or two about pilfer...

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        • Duck Avenger

          Shake 'n Quake

          A rumble of the Earth erupted while Donald was polishing up the Revenger. Luckily, One, his AI partner shielded him with an earthquake-proof room just as the shaking kicked up. These things were just a fact of life. It didn't help that Duckburg was built right atop Futterman's fault, but the...

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