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      Lilly Teal

      About: ...or coffee and a chat! He's always ready to meet new people and make friends. Just don't upset him or you might end up on the table. ~~~~~~~~ Matthew HaldenSpecies: Nubian IbexGender: Ma...


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        Comment on "A little night music"

        ...ble wearing evening dress. It's masked." Of course it was. For once Matthew was glad the host was pretent...him the assurance that she had been able to get inside, and also so Matthew Halden would not have to answer any...

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          ...shoulders, his fur ruffling further. "Halden, as much as I appreciate it,"...g to stab me, you understand," back to Matthew, "you've gone and scared the lady." Matthew was, amusingly, the very pict...he said weakly, trying to inch around Matthew and get out into the open ha...

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          • Lilly Teal

            Sweet dreams and sweet schemes

            (OOC: Reserved for Lilly, Matthew, and Piper.) The Halden house was an impressive affair, secure in its own statelyness with..."Are you still up? It's very late." Knocking on the door softly, Matthew peeked into Lilly's room. "...

            • Lilly Teal

              A little night music

              (OOC: Reserved for Jade and Matthew at this time.) Let's be honest. Crime pays. There were far too many people who...One of the other things about crime was all the interesting people you met. Matthe...

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              • Gladstone Gander

                RP: From Russia with Luck

                There were so few nice neighborhoods in St Canard but this was one of them. Row upon row of pristine, elegant homes with manicured lawns. Nothing too showy mind you, just sophisticated. Showy and gaudy belonged elsewhere thank you very much, so when one Saturday in the late afternoon a bright gre...

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                • Lilly Teal

                  Bourbon Renewal

                  The package came after everything. How long was it, after the event. A day? Did it matter? Possibly not. The neat little box arrived without a sender's name, without a return address. It was doubtful if it had even been officially posted. Whatever it was, it had been packed well. A shake would...

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