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    • Odin Eidolon

      Shadowy Comfort

      Unbeknownst to most people, occasionally when he got up, Odin Eidolon enjoyed an early morning stroll in the beautiful garden where Ducklair Tower once existed, feeling the cool morning air on his synthetic skin and admiring how the plants and animals were thriving in the area. It was a small am...

      Tags: Odin Eidolon, Malvolius, shadowraith, an unlikely friendship, Donald fans assemble!, why do I make so many RPs, help meeee I'm being held against my will

      • Kamkairo

        The Call of Nature

        The night was cool, crisp and quiet. Winter was approaching, but the weather was still fair for a short time longer. It would've been a perfect opportunity to take a pleasant stroll while the conditions were right. Everything was silent and still in the old forest beyond the outskirts of the city...

        Tags: malvolius, bushroot