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      Lilly Teal

      About: RP ready so just drop a line! Lilly TealSpecies: DuckGender: FemaleAge: 24Nationality: British Imagine Lilly as a machine. The dials for t...bubbly, and a magnet for trouble, Lilly runs a little bookshop downto...who lives in peace with his niece Lilly. Stop by for tea and good b...


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        Comment on "Ace of clubs"

        ...about to happen but he patted Lilly amicably on the shoulder in its prone position, but Lilly had been right, the impact ha...pointing enthusiastically at Lilly. “Very taken indeed.&r...rtune is amplified by you Ms. Teal, do you dare tell him otherwi...

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          Comment on "A woman scorned..."

          Well, the tone of voice in his ear boded SO well? "-uh we're at Lilly's, uh Lilly Teal's  house, she says she's met...u th-YEE-" This last part was because he'd almost walked right into Lilly and had just seen Piper. He...

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          • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

            Conjural Family

            Lilly Teal's phone rang.  When she'd answer a grim sound would come across the...tages get it. I'm not bluffing either... you don't want to tempt fate here Ms. Teal.  Now you know very well...

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              Attempted interactions

              (OOC: Reserved for Lilly Teal and Carmine Field.) "So..." Lilly shifted a little from foot to foot. First to break the horribly uncomfortable silence. Carmine could choose to take that as a po...

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                All about 'Rektcon'

                ...and your character will be added: Negaduck Malicia Macawber Scarlet Featherfan Piper/Jade Lee Trevor Mallard Drake Mallard Harou Six Lilly Teal If you were roleplaying wi...

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                  Roleplay Archives

                  A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, com...log RPs. Main compilation of Lilly and Negaduck posts - Wall pos...Y cluing in on this fact (via Lilly), Negaduck takes some (litera...ult. Demons’ Day Out - Lilly meets Negaduck and Malicia's...lightful day in the park with Lill...

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                  • Negaduck

                    RP: The Daily Grind

                    Sometime after Lilly's spectacularly successful go at Supervillain for a Day... It had been peaceful. So peaceful. The sort of peace that a bookstore with a cute little cafe was meant to have.  Then a swamp monster slammed open the door.  No wait, that was no swamp monster. That...

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                    • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                      Positivity Overload

                      ((OOC: RP reserved for NegaGos and Lilly.)) On one quiet afternoon in St Canard, there was a soft tinkling as the door to the Second Story Books was pushed open, hitting against the bell. A little girl with bouncy red curls and a fluffy pink dress skipped in on black buckled shoes, humming to he...

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