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    • Lilly Teal

      Lilly Teal (Lilly)

      About: ...are RP ready so just drop a line! Lilly TealSpecies: DuckGender: Fema...e: 24Nationality: British Imagine Lilly as a machine. The dials for t...bubbly, and a magnet for trouble, Lilly runs a little bookshop downto...who lives in peace with his niece Lilly. Stop by for tea and good bu...

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        Gladstone Gander

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        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          Comment on "Return to sender"

 in line outside the rather infamous Coatl Club so that she could see Lilly perform in her... whatever this was. A play, or something? In her letters, Lilly had mentioned her love of the...

          • Lilly Teal

            Comment on "Return to sender"

            ...he girls looks absolutely perfect as the band warmed up. "Go, go, go!" he whispered, shooing them all into position and almost forcefully placing Lilly in her spot before hiding aga...

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            • Scarlet

              Scarlet Profile

              ...ion: Playduck pin-up model and Magazine executive. Relationships: Piper Lee (Aka, Jade.) (enemies) Malicia (friend with benefits) Lilly Teal (....toy.) Super powe...

              • Piper/ Jade

                About Jade/ Piper

                ...Negaduck Occupation: Bookstore employee/ Thief Relationships: Trevor Mallard (Husband) Darkwing Duck (it's freaking stupid) Lilly (friend) Agent Lowkey (... &...

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                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                  Roleplay Archives

                  ...log RPs. Main compilation of Lilly and Negaduck posts - Wall pos...Y cluing in on this fact (via Lilly), Negaduck takes some (litera...ult. Demons’ Day Out - Lilly meets Negaduck and Malicia's...imself hiding for his life in Lilly's bookstore.  Torque and...

                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                    All about 'Rektcon'

           and your character will be added: Negaduck Malicia Macawber Scarlet Featherfan Piper/Jade Lee Trevor Mallard Drake Mallard Harou Six Lilly Teal If you were roleplayi...

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                    • Piper/ Jade

                      You've got to pay your way at the end of the day!

                      Reserved for: Piper and Oz et. al... Piper tugged at the skirt she was wearing, trying to pull it down a littleā€¦ Uncomfortable was an understatement. Yes, it was professional attire, but the skirt was just a hair too short for her liking. Unfortunately it was all the shelter had for her to...

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                      • Piper/ Jade

                        Curmudgeonous Conflicts

                        (Reserved for Lilly and Piper at current time.)<3 <3 <3 <3It was one of their busier nights. New club, new acts, new atmosphere… word spread fast among the city and before anyone knew it, Querido Quetzal had become a veritable hot spot. Piper, though slightly overwhelmed, was ...

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