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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      About: ...of Enchantment to hone my abilities. School was overrated unfortunately, nothing but politics and stuck-up elitists obs...teen-hood? Propping me up, telling me I had 'so much potential...ime, and tried to get into selling them as well. That bloody E...

      • Piper/ Jade

        Piper/ Jade

        About: her own way. Penniless and friendless, she seeks to use her natural knack for theft to get herself on her own two feet. Her light stature, diminutive size, athletic ability (Parkourist) and charming p...

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        • Harou

          Comment on "RP: Family Dinner"

          ...ool play not knowing it was hers. Getting it back would most likely be a challenge. The drake had moved into the living room to sit in his chair...Harou sinks into the chair. Takeo stared at the mess. "It's like a holiday in here."...

          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

            Comment on "It was only a matter of time..."

            There was a momentary flicker caused by an electrical surge. For a short time Jade was left in darkn...he melodious hum of various machines announced their return alongside the clicking lights. Now, however, a...

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            • Scarlet

              Scarlet Profile

              Name: Scarlet Featherfan Alias: None Species: Duck Astrol...nships: Piper Lee (Aka, Jade.) (enemies) Malicia (friend with benefits)...with a business card and an offer. -Work-a-holic. Even when she is out, she i...

              • Piper/ Jade

                About Jade/ Piper

       Lee Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  Lacey Chabert...Zatanna from Young Justice) Alias: Jade Species: D...k (it's freaking stupid) Lilly (friend) Agent Lowkey (.....d self-deludes herself into believing her form of criminality...

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                • Queen Malicia of St. Canard


                  • Alex Shoveler

                    St Canard Schematic Plan

                    This is an updated plan of a realistic version of St. Canard, Calisota.  The plan is based off of mult...' OC (300 feet by 600 feet from the center line of one street to the other....ther related locations within the city highlighted and labelled are free to...

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                    • Drake Mallard

                      Art Info and Usage

                      ...e. do offer custom character icons. If you like one, I'm open for commissio...

                      • Kamkairo

                        Trashyard Tate

                        Full name :: Tate Salvaggi Alias(es) :: Trashyard Tate Age :: 25 Sex / Gende...del kits- Dumpster diving Description of personality :: - Quite laid-back- Can s...t? ::Yes = Born in New York in 1967= Moved to Calisota when she turned 18= Began...

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                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          Site Rules

                          ...u read through the rules. The list is a tad lengthy, but it a roleplay site. No "real life" non-fictional accounts species, backstory, and abilities should be in-canon to the...;and I will assist you. Click here to read more about the...

                          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard


                            ...r. In other words, when I'm online and see you waiting in the 'unverified' list, I'll verify you. Normally,...of bots using these services (literally hundreds). To bypass...unts can I create? Is there a limit? At the moment, there is...join Duckverse? No. For simplicity's sake, we would prefer t...

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                            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                              ((PROTIP: If you click on a friend's avatar under your friend's list, it'll give you their username with the @ symbol. You can use it to tag and address them on The Wire. For example, @Lilly IS TEH ADORABLE))

                              • Launchpad McQuack

                                By Launchpad McQuack

                                "There... The Thunderquack is all waxed and polished and looking shiny and spiffy now! Good as new! I can't wait to take her out for a spin."

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                              • Darkwing Tower

                                Darkwing Tower

                                At the top of the Audubon Bay Bridge, is the secret hide out of Darkwing Duck. From our hero watches the city for crime as well as a place to keep all of his nifty crime fighting gadgets. All allies are welcome but evildoers beware! Of course you could join too. But keep your hands to yourself!

                              • Malicia's Warehouse

                                Malicia's Warehouse

                                Enter if you dare... or if you have alcohol.


                                • Negaduck

                                  RP: Loosing the Plot

                                  Deep in the rumbling bowels of the Querido Quetzal, down many twists of a hidden staircase, was one scary sight.  It was not the rickety meeting table which jeetered with each of the club's bassier notes.  It was not the lights which flickered along the room's darkened edges. It was ...

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