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      James Wolfe

      About: James Wolfe is one of Britain's best agents, and is currently working in S.H.U.S.H. Central thanks to a transfer,, lack of emotion in any situation, and apparent coldness towards everyone, James is no...


      • Agent Carol Torres

        Comment on "RP: The Report"

        "Come in." The collie agent replied....ndlier? She had nothing against Agent Wolfe but considering his determine...d to that visit.  "Hello, Agent Wolfe." She managed a small smile i...Carol withhold information from Agent Wolfe, the top interrogator in all...

        • James Wolfe

          Comment on "RP: The Report"

          James merely nodded back in greeting when the agent greeted him. Inwardly, he was relieved to see that her question was pointless. At least she'd be able to make a full recovery soon. James...

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          • James Wolfe

            RP: The Report

            ...RP reserved for Carol Torres, James Wolfe, Hooter and Dimitri Vondran (...of worry.  "Yes, Agent Wolfe," he said, moving back to his...his desk, and gave it to James.  "This is the case fil...nce you are finished."  James nodded, standing up. "Yes, si...

            • James Wolfe

              RP: Psychiatrist Un-help

              ...has recommended for you. You will be issued paid leave should you be informed to stay at home and rest for a few days.  Sincerely, JAMES WOLFE. ...

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              • Agent Gemini

                Just Another Day At The Office (RP)

                ((OOC: technically open RP to anyone that is a member of S.H.U.S.H. If your character has a paranormal/magic/monster background and you haven't received a message from me about this RP please message me for some needed OOC info before joining the RP.))   After passing through S.H.U.S.H sec...

                Tags: Agent Gemini, Agent Carol Torres, James Wolfe, Elliot Hudson, Jacob Mallard, Trevor Mallard, She doesn't mean to cause trouble but trouble causes her

                • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                  Two agents, one mission, too many problems

                  "Around the world those with magic or magic potential are being taken and never seen or heard from again and a majority of those missing are young children." - "Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles, as you are an expert in magic and languages, you are assigned this mission. Agent James Wolfe will be acco...

                  Tags: James Wolfe, Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles, shit gonna go down, like so much stuff

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