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    • J. Gander Hooter

      A Date With The Dark

      Darkwing's phone started to ring urgently. One look would tell him that it was Director J. Gander Hooter calling. J. Gander never called Darkwing via phone, preferring to send messages via Flashquack or his supercomputer in the Tower. Perhaps it was something serious. If answered, the director's ...

      Tags: Darkwing Duck, Kacia Hooter, J. Gander Hooter, this is why we don't let dads set up dates, it's only gonna end in one thing, tears

      • Duck Avenger

        Shake 'n Quake

        A rumble of the Earth erupted while Donald was polishing up the Revenger. Luckily, One, his AI partner shielded him with an earthquake-proof room just as the shaking kicked up. These things were just a fact of life. It didn't help that Duckburg was built right atop Futterman's fault, but the...

        Tags: Duck Avenger, Darkwing Duck, Moliarty, J. Gander Hooter, SHUSH, Reserved Roleplay

        • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

          Three to Tango

          -------TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS AGO-------   What makes a great agent of S.H.U.S.H.? One that has- Loyalty, Dedication, Devotion, Honesty, Confidence, Composed, Cooperative, Courageous, Compassion, Disciplined, Observant, Organized, Reliable, Respectful, Responsible, Intelligent, A Strong S...

          Tags: VerĂ³nica Cruz, J. Gander Hooter, Jacob Mallard, set in the good old days, the three muskateers of S.H.U.S.H.