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    • QuackerJack

      By QuackerJack

      ((Kinda lazy to have to repost old blogs, so I'm cool on just starting fresh again. XD))

      • Trevor Mallard

        By Trevor Mallard

        "While everyone else is out jogging in the melting heat I'll be in the cool house watching the telly. Cayuga Street is on. I want to know if Betty Wigeon found her missing hotpot recipe yet."

        • Drake Mallard

          By Drake Mallard

          @Carol "Do you like working at night because it's cool or because of a certain drake?" He smirks.

          • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            By Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            Anyone have tickets to the upcoming St. Canard Cavaliers soccer game versus the McDuck Greenbacks?? I'm sure Dad won't mind if I trade a few cool gadgets for them...More

            • Harmonizer

              By Harmonizer

              @Carol "Oh wow! Are those tickets to Paris? Zat's so cool! You're so lucky!" Hopefully feigning ignorance will remove any sort of suspicion.

              • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

                @barkybarkwoof @Launchpad Whoa! Launchpad! I didn't know you had zombie-summoning powers!! WAY cool!

                • Duckpool

                  By Duckpool


                  • Harmonizer

                    By Harmonizer

                    @BestLuckDuck "Wow, cool! But! I still refuse to exploit you een our friendship! So please don't get me anything. I just dropped a message to congratulate you!"

                    • Agent Gemini

                      By Agent Gemini

                      @darkwingpsycho @Ariana Faustina: That's something cool! Ha. And like what? Maybe only one out of like 10 people know how to skate so its a cool skill.

                      • Val Helwing

                        By Val Helwing

                        @trevormallard Val drew himself to his full height and adjusted his position to provide maximum shadow and air flow for making his trench coat blow in the wind all cool-like. He returned the long disapproving stare with his own. This would be a hard...More