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    • Harmonizer

      Music trouble

      Just one of those typical days, chasing the typical criminal down the street. Harmonizer was just catching up to him when, in a moment of desperation, the thug did a left and dodged into a store.  Harmonizer reacted quickly with a little smirk on her bill, spinning on her hee...

      Tags: accidentaldestroyer, harmonizer, halp, music, ocatve, ididn'tmeaneet!!!

      • QuackerJack

        Harmonizer: The Comic!

        For Harmonizer, art by me. :3 Also contained Nigel and a special guest!

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        • Harmonizer

          Things change

           Each day in St Canard brings Harmonizer closer towards her memories of the time spent there with a certain friend she now searches for. Tonight may finally bring her to what she has been seeking, but the question remains... will she like what she finds out?

          Tags: harmonizer, bushroot

          • Harmonizer

            Hazardous harmonics

            It was one of these days... er, nights, where Harmonizer really needed to relax. Probably the nightmares didn't help. It seemed that, every moment she spent here made things worse for her mental capabilities. She was currently lying across the musty sofa of her hideout, her eyes clenched shut ...

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            • James Wolfe

              RP: Psychiatrist Un-help

              ((OOC: RP reserved for Carol and Moira. Will open up if necessary.)) The first day Carol got back to work, she would find this letter on her desk, formally addressed to her.  Dear Miss Carol Torres,  Due to trauma or upheaval that may have arisen due to the assault you have endured a...

              Tags: stockholmsyndrome, harmonizer, moirarousseau, caroltorres, jamesisanassholeseriouslycan'tyoutellinstinctsandpersonalfeelingsapart??, SHUSH, Hooter, psychiatry

              • Harmonizer

                Harmonizer Wanted

                ((OOC: RP reserved for Max Wicked and Harmonizer. But, if any other hero/villain wants to jump in, please PM me first.)) It was a quiet night. Not many people were around, as there a was mild drizzle showering St Canard.  A lone figure could be seen on the rooftops, her mask tails tra...

                Tags: harmonizer, maxwicked, S.H.U.S.H., heroVhero, stillabetterstorythanBatduckVSuperpig

                • Harmonizer

                  Broken music

                  ((OOC: This is after the events of Harmonizer Wanted.)) The rain had been coming down in torrents for a while now, beating down on the rooftops of the city of St Canard. Lightning would occasionally flash across the sky, followed by the crashing sound of thunder. Anyone who got caught in the rai...

                  Tags: bushroot, harmonizer, plants, sad, comfort, friendshipismagic heeheeheehee

                  • Negaduck

                    RP: Explosive Temper IIIB

                    In his comfortable and typically imposing command chair, the supervillain responsible for the latest bout of chaos was chuckling. Supervillain-ly. "Now this-" Meaning the explosions and random terror below. "-is the sort of Big Bang Theory I like to see!" Fortunately nobody was around to suffer...

                    Tags: harmonizer, negaduck, darkwing duck, terrible pop references, sonic pain in the toosh

                    • Negaduck

                      RP: Epic-logue

                      The floor of St Canards Supervillain Prisoner Transfer van. How he didn't miss the feel of that meeting his face. Bound and bunny bitten, Negaduck twisted painfully to sitting. Just in time to watch the diminishing daylight as the vehicle's rear doors were slowly shut on him and yet another bril...

                      Tags: negaduck, harmonizer, explosive temper, epilogue, or is that epic log, ah damnit

                      • Harmonizer

                        A Wish and an Arrow

                        ((OOC: RP reserved for Harmonizer and Quiverwing Quack.)) Harmonizer sat on the rooftop of a building, glumly watching the city from above. Why had her warden been so insistent that she go out to watch the city and fight crime? She'd just mess up again...  And besides, she did not deserve ...

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