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    • Negaduck

      RP: Back in the Bad Books

      Negaduck was on the case. The book case, that was, of a qiant little store that had yet to invest in supervillain proof walls, for he had simply walked through the brickwork and onto the overturned collection of Phrenology for Goats.  "Look at this dump. So much -ugh- learning."  Some...

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      • Negaduck

        RP: Get Lucked

        Reserved initially for Gladstone Gander and Negaduck. What a lucky fellow.   Starducks. Such a miserable, soul-sucking place, and not in the way he usually liked. With his preferred joint recently off-limits for reasons, however, Negaduck had no other choice. Fortunately, even ...

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        • Gladstone Gander

          Hug it Out

          The Coatl Club was always on point. It seemed effortless, easy, relaxed, which was the truest indication that, this was not the case. Anyone who was around during the off hours could attest to this, which Gladstone Gander often was. Not because he was much help, although he could hold things or ...

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          • Lilly Teal

            Luck be a ladle tonight

            (OOC: Reserved for Lilly, Gladstone, and the ladle right now.) It wasn't exactly night, though in some places the clouds were thick enough that you would be forgiven for thinking that. But despite appearances, it wasn't muggy at all, and no torrential rain fell from those thick clouds. Just a li...

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            • Lilly Teal

              The same as it never was

              The Market had been an eye opening experience in many ways. For Matthew, it had brought a secret softness that he had missed. One could even say he hadn't noticed it had dried up until it was brought back again, bringing with it a smile very few people had seen. Mambo was one of those privileged...

              Tags: Matthew, Lilly, Gladstone, Tanya, magic and time travel and markets oh my!

              • Lilly Teal

                Fae you'll be there

                (OOC: Reserved for Mal, Lilly and Glad.) Tall and proud and wondrous fairThe people of the dark and airHold high the iron that they fearWhen the fair folk call, don’t let them near The person who stood on the street corner was the kind of person who reminded you of song lyrics. If it was ...

                Tags: Malicia, Gladstone, Lilly, the fair folk, civil war, spice girls

                • Harmonizer

                  Death Becomes Him

                  "Hmm. Yes, I think we should add this into the spell too."  "Are you sure it's going to work? It's getting more and more of a mouthful."  "No it's not. I'm just making sure it's foolproof. It has to be perfect."  "Well, I don't know about you, but horrorcalifragilisticexpia...

                  Tags: reserved for Death and Gladstone, Death, Gladstone, always practise safe spell-testing precautions!, rest in peace, we barely knew ye, 100 ways to die, Death is not a good roommate, Cult of Pluto