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    • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

      Negaduck's Biggest Stan

      About: ...ot Admit” at most of the major casionos.   No lucky charms required, Gladstone was born under a lucky sign a...the least (just ask his cousin Donald).  So if you want to chat with Gladstone,  step right up, try your luc...

      • Ludwig Von Drake

        Ludwig Von Drake

        About: or helping his friends, he can be found in his lab, experimenting or working on inventions.  He also used to be an adoptive father figure to Gladstone Gander. 

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        • DarkwingPsycho

          Comment on "Hug it Out"

          Ariana glanced hesitantly after Gladstone, then looked at Oz.  She didn't feel....  She would have much rather gone with Gladstone to talk to Lilly. Still, she...t else to say about that, so she moved on to Gladstone. "And Gladstone...I met when...

          • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

            Comment on "The Wind Beneath my"

            Gladstone... Gladstone just.... Gladstone just really... Gladstone just really wanted to go home.  Enough was enough.  Despite being told that sneaking off was a viable opt...

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            • Negaduck's Biggest Stan

              Adventures in Nephewsitting

              ...r had the thought crossed her mind then her phone buzzed, and then buzzed again, then once more. All from the same sender.  Gladstone: I NEED YOUR HELP. Gladstone: R U @ THE STORE?  Glad...

              • Crimson Cowl

                The Luckiest Duck on Earth

                The Casino Owner was baffled by Gladstone's  performance tonight. Sure, he had one a nice pile, what was...LOST.  "I guess tonight just wasn't my night for Poker." Said "Gladstone" as he walked over to the Slo...

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                • Negaduck

                  RP: Back in the Bad Books

                  Negaduck was on the case. The book case, that was, of a qiant little store that had yet to invest in supervillain proof walls, for he had simply walked through the brickwork and onto the overturned collection of Phrenology for Goats.  "Look at this dump. So much -ugh- learning."  Some...

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                  • Negaduck

                    RP: Get Lucked

                    Reserved initially for Gladstone Gander and Negaduck. What a lucky fellow.   Starducks. Such a miserable, soul-sucking place, and not in the way he usually liked. With his preferred joint recently off-limits for reasons, however, Negaduck had no other choice. Fortunately, even ...

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