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    • GizmoDuck


      About: Gizmoduck, if you don't already know, is the highly regarded superhero of Duckburg and his deeds of derring-do have spread to her sister city of St. Canard.  He pilots a...

      • Angel McDrake

        Angel McDrake

        About: ...or his crimes. Angel befriends Scrooge McDuck and his family and friends, and becomes a loyal friend to them. She eventually develops a crush on Gizmoduck, not knowing that he is secre...

        • Celeste O Emberwing

          Celeste O Emberwing

          About: Negaduck and Nega Gosalyn. Enemies: None, but has a mixed bag experience as an associate of Negaduck’s with the likes of Destructoduck (Nega Gizmoduck) and Nega Morgana, so she is...