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    • Agent Gemini

      The Daily Grind (RP)

      Gemini had just finished filling up gas in her little green car when she checked her watch. She still had some extra time before she had to leave for work.     She had in mind to go inside and grab a coffee and a sweet roll before heading to work. When she did the usual, going to the ...

      Tags: Agent Gemini, Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles, Gemini, Feliciana

      • Agent Gemini

        Doctor's Appointment (RP)

        Gemini arrived at the juice bar a half an hour early. She had realized that morning she had not given Dr. Mallard a description of who to look for. The black haired duck assumed she could guess who he was by waiting for someone. People that were waiting for others always had a certain demeanor. G...

        Tags: posi-duck, Dr. Mallard, Gemini, agent gemini, Dr. Drake Mallard