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    • Dr. Moira Rousseau

      Friends of a Feather

      Sometimes, even therapists have things in their own lives they need a little help with. And, as it turns out, providing guidance to others is much easier than trying to...

      • Trevor Mallard

        Trevor Profile

        Real Name: Trevor Mallard Alias: The Hunter Bi...or's entire body is covered in curly frizzled white feathers most notable on his cheeks,...vorite food. -Owns and rides a horse. -His curly feathering is caused by a mutation in...

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        • Negaduck

          By Negaduck

          Greetings from the Negaverse! I'm none other than Negaduck, the most phenomenal of all Darkwing's foes! In fact, I'm even called the Reverse-Darkwing because this costume is the exact opposite of Darkwing's and because I use my ego for evil--while...More


          • Mother Goose

            Luck, Stalk, and Two Smoking Barrels

            The witch sighed softly from atop her barstool, observing the crowd from behind a curtain of blonde hair. Her face was blank was she absentmindedly stirred her drink, as if it were a tiny cauldron and the right stir would magically make it taste better. It didn't. It just sweated onto the pape...

            Tags: the smoking barrels are nMG and nLilly, because they're furious, so's Glad, everyone's angry, wish you weren't here, Foes of a Feather, Through a Mirror Grimmly, The Luck Stops Here, na-na-negaverse