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    • Feathers Galore

      Birds of a Feather

      Feathers was dressed to kill. Literally and metaphorically. One could never be too car...ed in the room. Handsome. Powerful chest and broad shoulders, plenty of fluffy feathers to run her fingers through,...

      • Dr. Moira Rousseau

        Friends of a Feather

        Sometimes, even therapists have things in their own lives they need a little help with. And, as it turns out, providing guidance to others is much easier than trying to...


        • Kamkairo


          Full name :: Nina Bellbird Alias(es) :: Nina-bean Age...Eye color :: Green Hair color :: Red Skin / Fur / Feather color :: Light yellow Speech...appearance :: - Young petite duckling- Light-yellow feathers- Small beak with large buck...

          • Kamkairo

            Kacia Salucci-Hooter

            Full name :: Kacia Salucci-Hooter Alias(es) :: Screech Owl Age :: 23 Sex / Gende...Bubo virginianus) Eye color :: Yellow Hair color :: Dark brown Skin / Fur / Feather color :: Brown Speech :: Som...

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            • Negaduck

              By Negaduck

              Greetings from the Negaverse! I'm none other than Negaduck, the most phenomenal of all Darkwing's foes! In fact, I'm even called the Reverse-Darkwing because this costume is the exact opposite of Darkwing's and because I use my ego for evil--while...More


              • Mother Goose

                Luck, Stalk, and Two Smoking Barrels

                The witch sighed softly from atop her barstool, observing the crowd from behind a curtain of blonde hair. Her face was blank was she absentmindedly stirred her drink, as if it were a tiny cauldron and the right stir would magically make it taste better. It didn't. It just sweated onto the pape...

                Tags: the smoking barrels are nMG and nLilly, because they're furious, so's Glad, everyone's angry, wish you weren't here, Foes of a Feather, Through a Mirror Grimmly, The Luck Stops Here, na-na-negaverse