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    • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

      A New Hero in town

      Magic. Some saw it as a gift and others a curse, there are those who it for their own personal gain and there are those who use it to help others. There are those who were born with magic and those magic is taught to if they possess the talent for it. One thing about magic that would never change...

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      • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

        Manipulation of Magic

        Typical Saturday afternoon in St. Canard, the city alive with various noises from people to vehicles. Every day had these various lively noises though- St. Canard was filled with hundreds of people and was a crime-ridden city filled with criminals and some of them had special abilities that gave ...

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        • Agent Gemini

          The Daily Grind (RP)

          Gemini had just finished filling up gas in her little green car when she checked her watch. She still had some extra time before she had to leave for work.     She had in mind to go inside and grab a coffee and a sweet roll before heading to work. When she did the usual, going to the ...

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          • Agent Gemini

            Safety Semi Guaranteed (RP)

            The following ad is posted in jobs on and for the Duckburg area. Anyone may reply:   Want to visit another country and see the sites? Love exploring and taking in new cultures? Only work one day and have all expenses paid and salary for seven days? Get p...

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            • Agent Gemini

              Sangre Moon Inn (RP)

              Currently near the river is a building that appears during red moons. Only magic users and the cryptid inclined can see the olden styled establishment. The building looks different to everyone.  It would be perceived by culturally the magic user would identify as a mystically protected build...

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              • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                Two agents, one mission, too many problems

                "Around the world those with magic or magic potential are being taken and never seen or heard from again and a majority of those missing are young children." - "Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles, as you are an expert in magic and languages, you are assigned this mission. Agent James Wolfe will be acco...

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                • Agent Gemini

                  Acts of Venice (Reserved RP)

                  Like Gemini's ad had said, the flight, hotel, and food, and all other expenses had been all paid for the week so far. It was a nice hotel near the docks. The recruits for the mission had the freedom to take in any tourism and sights they wanted to see.   Gemini could often be seen in the ...

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                  • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                    Battle of the Dads

                    It was a normal day off work so far for the female blue jay- call her parents, shower, make breakfast and clean up her apartment a little before heading out to buy groceries for the week-- perhaps she could go by the music shop later for some multi-cultural music or go to the library to learn mor...

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                    • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                      Adventures of a foreign exchange student and her Godfather

                      It was a long six hour flight from Mexico to Duckburg and the young blue jay stayed awake the whole flight, basically vibrating in her seat how she excitedly awaited her arrival in America. She had been there once or twice with her adoptive parents but never by herself! All thanks to the foreign ...

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                      • James Wolfe

                        Lost in Spy-slation

                        Today was a busy day at SHUSH. That was the only reason it hadn't been caught yet.  'It' being the small shadow that darted from wall to desk to wall to corner, occasionally tripping up before hiding behind a flowerpot or printer.  An agent was carrying a large stack of papers when sh...

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