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    • Agent Gemini

      Artistic Augury (Open)

      A post appears on various social media platforms, including a few magic society based ones:   HAHA so FUNNY STORY- I was working on a precognitive potion and GRANTED it kinda looks and bubbles like Coo-Coo Cola and I did pour it in one of their holiday collector glass bottles BUT my sister...

      Tags: Agent Gemini, Faustina, Minority Report Mockery, Hopefully this doesn't go bad, like that seance scene in Penny Dreadful

      • Negaduck

        RP: Cupid is as Cupid Does

        ((Reserved for those who have been hit. Spectators welcome, just drop me a note first. No posting order, have at him!)) CRACK. Negaduck had been knocked out of the sky by one angry blood witch, colliding with a floral Valentine's Day display that wilted on contact. With no help to correct, all...

        Tags: Negaduck, Feliciana, Gosalyn Mallard, Lilly Teal, Faustina, Malicia, half of downtown, stacks on Negs

        • Agent Gemini

          Faustina's Business Card

          The back reads:   Customers must be freshly dead in the last 72 hours or less and still have their heart. No Refunds. No Warranty.

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          • Agent Gemini

            Faustina @ Pirate AU

            Faustina and her sister used to run a small bakery in a port town. While it was a normal bakery business the gals were anything but. Faustina had a knowledge of medical herbs and was rumored to be a light witch. Her sister knew her way with swords and guns. Her sister was also quite a bookworm wi...

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