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      About: ...ssion given. Full SHUSH File: SHUSH FILE OTHER CHARACTERS: Name: Faustina, Fausta or Faust for short A...y outsideMarital Status: YES PLEASEOccupation: Blood Witch Full Name: Faustina Pollux Esposito Birthday: Aug...


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        Comment on "RP: Unwelcome Visitors"

        "Oh thank goodness! Someone to help!" Faustina started to lay it on thick that she w...of her so she can be found easily."   Faustina moved her fingers on one hand...get to her the more likely we can save her," Faustina pleaded....

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 in so don't knock it,” Faustina still looked like the body language changed fitting Faustina's personality while still in...o;   The animal nodded to Faustina before giving a snort in Nega...What are you looking for?” Faustina asked as she walked over to t...

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            RP: Unwelcome Visitors

            Following on from comments - reserved for Faustina and Mal's Morgana. It wasn't hard to locate the Manor. On...we discussed, okay? Keep her talking, I'll do the rest." Then pushed Faustina towards the door, and ducked...


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              Faustina @ Pirate AU

              ...s the gals were anything but. Faustina had a knowledge of medical he...the town against the sisters. Faustina's sister was optimistic thoug...and took them away. They sold Faustina's sister to some inquisitors...h it now being a pirate town. Faustina cleverly used her cook and me...

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                  Artistic Augury (Open)

                  A post appears on various social media platforms, including a few magic society based ones:   HAHA so FUNNY STORY- I was working on a precognitive potion and GRANTED it kinda looks and bubbles like Coo-Coo Cola and I did pour it in one of their holiday collector glass bottles BUT my sister...

                  Tags: Agent Gemini, Faustina, Minority Report Mockery, Hopefully this doesn't go bad, like that seance scene in Penny Dreadful

                  • Negaduck

                    RP: Cupid is as Cupid Does

                    ((Reserved for those who have been hit. Spectators welcome, just drop me a note first. No posting order, have at him!)) CRACK. Negaduck had been knocked out of the sky by one angry blood witch, colliding with a floral Valentine's Day display that wilted on contact. With no help to correct, all...

                    Tags: Negaduck, Feliciana, Gosalyn Mallard, Lilly Teal, Faustina, Malicia, half of downtown, stacks on Negs

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