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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      About: (See Mal's wiki page for all details).  Well it all started a couple decades or so ago. Just a few mind you, for I am but a young a nubile creature. I was born in Tra...

      • Drake Mallard

        Drake Mallard

        About: From the case files...   Name: Darkwing DuckAlias: Drake Mallard"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"   If you're reading this (and if you are you're in trouble...

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        • Launchpad McQuack

          Comment on "Welcome to St. Canard"

          Soon the group would hear a small yell upstairs, followed by thumping down the hall and several thuds.  "Whoa! I'm okay! Hey, I was wondering where my marble...

          • Max Wicked

            Comment on "New in Town"

            [Ah, so you're a oldie then x3 I do know there was a older site of Duckverse and I have friends that were too. As for me, I'm just a newbie to the lore and website itself. I do enjoy R...

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            • Tyra "Apparatus" Quackson

              Tyra Biography

                Alias: Agent Apparatus Real Name: Tyra Quackson Nickname(s): Ty, Crazy Chick, Robot Wannabe Age: 17 Species: Duck/Android Occupation(s): Teenage Super Vil...

              • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                RP: ...And Scarlet Makes Three

                Reserved for: Harou, Mal, and Scarlet. PREVIOUSLY ON DUCKVERSE... After years of distant communication, Harou drops by Mal's warehouse for a surprise visit to get in touch with his f...

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                • Scarlet

                  Sweet duckubus dreams

                  Pre-rektcon Scarlet. Just before the Duckverse went to hell in a hand basket.   



                  • Drake Mallard

                    Art Info and Usage

                    ...k art here. do offer custom character ic...ns I've created you can see them here.

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                    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                      Site Rules

                      ...ou can register an account on Duckverse it is incredibly important yo...questions you have about how Duckverse functions as a community.&nbs...cters from outside the Disney Duckverse (i.e., DuckTales and Darkwing...hey should be tailored to the Duckverse in some shape or form. This m...

                      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard


                        ...d to your own browser, java settings, etc. Who is currently running Duckverse? The present administrator is Malicia, also known as Miss-Mal. The original duckverse website was created by Franki...

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                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          Roleplay Archives

                          A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, compiled by Nemzit and Mal. If you'd like to add your own saved RPs, please email the files to and I'll add them to the list! Note: Pretty much everything in here is rated "M" for "Mal and Negs Debauchery". You ...

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                          • Angel McDrake

                            Cool Duckverse Stuff

                            Cool Duckverse- related stuff.

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