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    • Launchpad McQuack

      Old McDucky Had A Cow (may be retitled later)

      Normally a trip to Duckburg would be a happy walk down nostalgia lane, filled with excitement and anticipation at seeing old friends and family members. But Happy "catching up with friends" times were not in the projected future for the three drakes driving there now in a blue station wagon. Aft...

      Tags: Gizmoduck, Fenton Crackshell, Gyro Gearloose?, Scrooge McDuck, Cassowary virus repairs, Drake Mallard, thisisgonnabefun

      • Quiverwing Duck

        Double Identity

        The Audubon Bay Bridge was a beautiful and stately landmark with its soaring towers and graceful suspension cables. The latter could allow one access to the former, were one willing to do some courageous climbing in the often calamitous crosswinds that sometimes swept through the bay.In any case,...

        Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Drake Mallard, dealing with doubles

        • GizmoDuck

          Interdimensional Intimacy Intervention

          ((OOC: Reserved for the happy couple,  the mad couple, and the couple counselor  at the moment might open it up as it progresses))   Gizmoduck had extended an invitation to Darkwing Duck and Quiverwing Duck out of pure, overly eager (and unrequested) helpfulness.  This whole...

          Tags: GizmoDuck, Quiverwing Duck, Drake Mallard, Quackerjack, Just-Quackerjack, wedding planning, er I mean intervention

          • Harmonizer

            Unsafe Travels

            After filing several piles of paperwork at SHUSH, they finally had her anklet removed temporarily and allowed her to return home. Agent Wolfe had not been happy about it and expressed his suspicions about her possibly running away, but no one really took him seriously, and he fortunately did not ...

            Tags: FOWL attack, airport trouble, Drake Mallard, Quiverwing Duck, Taz (Harm), hostage, things are looking well, no really

            • Agent Gemini

              Acts of Venice (Reserved RP)

              Like Gemini's ad had said, the flight, hotel, and food, and all other expenses had been all paid for the week so far. It was a nice hotel near the docks. The recruits for the mission had the freedom to take in any tourism and sights they wanted to see.   Gemini could often be seen in the ...

              Tags: Agent Gemini, Jacob Mallard, Harmonizer, Dr. Mallard, Drake Mallard, Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles, Quiverwing Duck, Posiduck, Venice

              • Quiverwing Duck

                QW - Drake Mallard

                Not that Drake Mallard, the other Drake Mallard

                Tags: quiverwing duck, drake mallard

                • Red Nova

                  New Year's Bash

                  Fenton Crackshell opted for a hotel on his latest visit to St. Canard, a city that not only never slept due to their infamous coffee chains, but was also home to a great deal of crime considered off limits to any other hero than the self proclaimed terror who flapped in the night. He tried to sta...

                  Tags: new years bash, drake mallard, fenton crackshell