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    • Drake Mallard

      Drake Mallard

      About: ...erience the loss that caused his heart to turn cold. Name: Darkwing DoubloonAlias: Jack D. Mallard, Seaman...ake), this morally ambiguous duck became the one known as the Darkwing Doubloon after turning to piracy. I'v...

      • Vladimir Grizzlikoff

        Vladimir Grizzlikoff

        About: ...again, if anyone is in need of a grumpy bear Chief Agent. :) I've also been working his various counterparts.  So NegaGrizz, Admiral Grizzlikoff (Doubloon AU) and Director Grizzlikoff...

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        • Drake Mallard

          Comment on "Duchess of Disaster"

          Doubloon carefully headed down below to get to the armory....m again. The pirate must be so sure of his victory Doubloon thought and it was going to b...know they're looking for it. If they find us. Oh, Doubloon. We'll be hanged with these v...

          • Steelbeak

            Comment on "[Finished RP] Invitation to Disaster"

            It wasn't long before Gizmoduck and the rest were on board and ready to follow Doubloon in pursuit of Negaduck. "It's getting dark, Doubloon," the mechanical duck observed.  "How do you suppose we'll shiver Negaduck's timbers and retrieve the stolen damsels?"

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            • Drake Mallard

              [Finished RP] Invitation to Disaster

              ((OOC: Doubloon finds the invitation with the warning as mention...or several days now on the HMS Mad Defender that Doubloon had commandeered and now had...and the ship rats would be able to consume. As Doubloon was walking something that wa...

              • Negaduck

                Duchess of Disaster

                ...however, a few obstacles to overcome. "We lost our treasure, our ship and our cursed reputations, all thanks to that so-called scourge Darkwing Doubloon!" The very name tasted like b...

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                  About the Group

         the place for all yer one-eyed bow-legged tales o' piratey legend! This group is for all tales set in the world of that (-cur-) hero Darkwing Doubloon.  Unless otherwise indi...

                  • Drake Mallard

                    OOC Info (Drake Mallard)

                    I have chronic insomnia.I currently RP as Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck. I also rp as Darkwing Doubloon in the Yaaarmageddon and Darkwarrior Duck in Judgement on St. Canard&nbs...


                    • Negaduck

                      Duchess of Disaster

                      Even the deck feared to squeak as the black-hearted pirate Negaduck paced back and forth. Some time had passed since he and his crew had escaped the hold - of his own ship, mark you - and set sail for revenge.  There were, however, a few obstacles to overcome. "We lost our treasure, our s...

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