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    • Duck Avenger

      Ding Dong Death

      Donald Duck trudged out of the elevator, his feet feeling like lead. He panted and groaned as he carried himself to his favorite armchair and flopped onto it. There had been an unfortunate mess all the way on floor 58, and as Ducklair Tower's resident caretaker, he was saddled with the task of r...

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      • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

        Adventures of a foreign exchange student and her Godfather

        It was a long six hour flight from Mexico to Duckburg and the young blue jay stayed awake the whole flight, basically vibrating in her seat how she excitedly awaited her arrival in America. She had been there once or twice with her adoptive parents but never by herself! All thanks to the foreign ...

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        • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles


          He knew his creator was going to shut him off so he spent his last moments recording a farewell message to Donald Duck before doing so. - "...You see, Hero? I dream, I hope, I suffer...That means only one thing--I'm alive, and as long as you remember me, I shall continue to exist!" - There wa...

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          • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles


            Life was always hard for the small blue jay, but ever since she was rescued and later adopted by Panchito and José it had gotten at least happier- she had reasons to hope, smile, laugh, and love again. She had loving new grandparents, uncles, and aunts, cousins...Even two Godfathers a...

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            • Moon Mom

              The Dummy's Guide to Parenting

              It'd been only what? A week? And yet, Della still hadn't felt like she had properly made up for all of the missed birthdays. It was especially difficult when she had no current source of income, and Uncle Scrooge wasn't so sure about giving her some spending money to splurge and spoil the boys (n...

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