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    • Moon Mom

      The Dummy's Guide to Parenting

      It'd been only what? A week? And yet, Della still hadn't felt like she had properly made up for all of the missed birthdays. It was especially difficult when she had no current source of income, and Uncle Scrooge wasn't so sure about giving her some spending money to splurge and spoil the boys (n...

      Tags: donald duck, della duck, reunion, catching up, how to parent, sibling rivalry, sibling shenanigans, competition

      • Moon Mom

        Gogol is a Terrible Search Engine

        Della absolutely knew how to use a search engine on the web. Of course, she did. She just wasn't getting any of the answers she needed. And that was frustrating.And by frustrating, she was wondering how she was going to explain to her sons that their computer looked like it had been beaten with a...

        Tags: della duck, quiverwing duck, ten years is a long time to be gone

        • Moon Mom

          Sauce is Serious Business

          It had been less than a day since this stranger had rudely interrupted her grand search for the perfect burger place only to find out that her favorite place had simply reopened in a new location in Duckburg. He seemed to hang around Launchpad a lot (who she had finally determined was an okay guy...

          Tags: drake mallard/darkwing, della duck, this argument isn't finished

          • Moon Mom

            Lazy Louie and Della Disaster

            Della had not expected it to be so easy to find Louie, but it was. She was so excited about the possibility of going on an adventure with him that as soon as she had secured the map in her hand, she had went off searching for him throughout McDuck Manor.And yet, there he was, in the living room o...

            Tags: louie duck, della duck, one-on-one bonding, attempted bonding

            • Moon Mom

              Hearts of Soft Melting Gold

              Della gave her Uncle Scrooge the biggest (and definitely most suspicious) smile she had. But when he told her he had something in his office to show her, she tilted her head and eyed him curiously. Of course, she followed him. There could be anything in his office waiting for her. A treasur...

              Tags: scrooge mcduck, della duck, bonding, heartfelt, undetailed mention of amputation

              • Moon Mom

                Miskates Happen

                Della Duck felt she was fully prepared for an exciting day spending quality time with her kids, revisiting an area from her childhood, witnessing firsthand parenting techniques from another parent / new buddy, meeting new friends. There was no way this day was possibly going to go wrong. It'd tak...

                Tags: della duck, huey, dewey, louie, drake mallard, qw, negagosalyn, skate park, shenanigans

                • Moon Mom

                  Conventional Kidnapping and Rescue

                  Bomber's jacket? Check. Pilot's goggles? Check. Cool scarf? Check. Passion for all things related to the sky and planes? Make that a DOUBLE check. Oh! And her new smart phone which she had no idea how to operate so she could stay in touch with the boys! Scrooge had suggested she go to the flight ...

                  Tags: jacob mallard, della duck, flight convention, team-up, a kidnapping

                  • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

                    Untitled for now until a name comes to me

                    Panchito had flown to Duckburg with his beloved adopted daughter Feliciana to visit his best friend and Godfather of his child- Donald Duck and his family for the weekend. Unfortunately his husband José could not come along as he was busy with his job being a flight attendant and woul...

                    Tags: Panchito Pistoles, Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles, Della Duck, Panchito and Della have similar parenting styles, time to play catch up