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    • Harmonizer

      Death Becomes Him

      "Hmm. Yes, I think we should add this into the spell too."  "Are you sure it's going to work? It's getting more and more of a mouthful."  "No it's not. I'm just making sure it's foolproof. It has to be perfect."  "Well, I don't know about you, but horrorcalifragilisticexpia...

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      • Mother Goose

        Peter Peter Pumpkin Reaper

        "Oh, Romeow, you came back!" The poodle cried, throwing her arms around her true love. "Oh, Drooliet, how could I ever leave you? I was a fool!" The cat answered, twirling his delicate partner before capturing her lips in passionate kiss. Doves, in perfect heart formation, flew behind the dramat...

        Tags: mother goose, death, romeow and drooliet, happily splatter after, this is why we can't have nice things

        • Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles

          Magic and Death

          They say in your last moments you will see your life flash before your eyes. - An egg had hatched and from that egg came a featherless baby blue jay, chirping happily as it was lifted by another blue jay- one that was fully grown and had beautiful blue feathers. It was her birth. - She rememb...

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