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    • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      Queen Malicia of St. Canard

      About: shoes and I will never forget the moment I slipped my perfect feet inside… it was like that fairytale with the Princess who beats an old hag to death with a poisoned apple and the...

      • Craven


        About: ...  II   Be silent in that solitude,    Which is not loneliness—for then The spirits of the dead who stood    In life before thee are again In death around thee—and their will S...

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          Comment on "Death Becomes Him"

          ...e looked upset. How were they supposed to lure Death into the circle? All of their...could not perform another right now to summon Death. It was doubtful there was ev...'ll... we'll wait for him! That's it! We wait. Death will come."  Oh, he'd l...

          • Max Wicked

            Comment on "Just pokin' around"

            Max then stood up and decided to give a valid point "You'd trust me because if you don't, you'll bleed to death. I know its gonna sting like hell, but surely that can't be worse then dying? Its your choice...Trust one of us or just well...Wait for the inevitable which is death."

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            • Gladstone Gander

              In the Highest Room of the Tallest Tower

              (Takes place after Death Becomes Him) 'Second Story Books'. SECOND STORY BOOKS? The woman on the sidewalk scoffed and rolled her eyes, and when she felt like that wasn't enough...

              • Harou

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                ...oke his wrath would be foolish to do so. Loyal to a core. Does not fear death. Biography: The mysterious...English) -His sexuality is rumored to be bi. -Since he does not fear death he will fight to the death if...

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                • Kamkairo

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                  ...a number of murders, often splattering the victim's blood all about, 'painting the town red' Has a Negaverse counterpart? ::Yes Status ::Bled to death from accidental stab wound in...

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                    ...Vampires and NegaHarou. Five-Years Later... After Negaduck's untimely death, a five-year time jump occurs...and baby-daddy Harou.  Hotline Bling - Oh, did we say Negaduck's death was 'untimely'? Scratch that....

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                    • Rebarka Sterling

                      By Rebarka Sterling

                      "AT DEATH'S...BORE? Strange and unusual stories abound today readers! It seems the Grim Reaper is among us and he... has a coin collection? Eyewitnesses say that the fell specter, the ultimate end, the visage who comes for us all... has decided to...More

                      • Drake Mallard

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                        @Quacky "You'"

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                          Death Becomes Him

                          "Hmm. Yes, I think we should add this into the spell too."  "Are you sure it's going to work? It's getting more and more of a mouthful."  "No it's not. I'm just making sure it's foolproof. It has to be perfect."  "Well, I don't know about you, but horrorcalifragilisticexpia...

                          Tags: reserved for Death and Gladstone, Death, Gladstone, always practise safe spell-testing precautions!, rest in peace, we barely knew ye, 100 ways to die, Death is not a good roommate, Cult of Pluto

                          • Harmonizer

                            Heads Will Roll

                            It was a very peaceful, very early morning on All Hallows' Eve. A day most people would anticipate.  Most people who did not have errands on that certain day that spelt impending doom if not completed, at least.  Tak tak tak.  The sound of tapping on the windowsill pierced the r...

                            Tags: pumpkin heads, Death, Mother Goose, Victor Screech, ouch me eye, why do you do this, Happy Halloween, this is Halloween, heads of the headless horsemen, RIP MG, horseless bodyless horsemen

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