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    • Harmonizer

      Plants, decisions and a whole lot of confusion.

      Bushroot goes on a nightly raid for supplies and bumps into trouble, Harmonizer has to choose between duty and friendship, Darkwing is confused. ((OOC: Let Bushroot go first.))

      Tags: Harmonizer, Bushroot, Darkwing, probably funny

      • Negaduck

        RP: Red Pickled Herrings

        ((Continuing on from the Fearsome Five's Loosing the Plot. Reserved for Negs n Mal at the moment but drop me a line if interested!)) A dark night in St Canard because nights were rarely bright. The street lamps glinted off the white clean exterior of one of the most significant food manufacturin...

        Tags: Negaduck, Malicia, Fearsome Five, Darkwing, Gizmojerk

        • Negaduck

          RP: Speed Hating

          Following the events of Turnabout is Soufflé. Reserved initially for Malicia and Negaduck. An appropriate time after their last meeting, one demoness would be left waiting outside the newly opened seafood restaurant, The Codfather. Maybe things would go smoother without an ambushed ex or ...

          Tags: negaduck, malicia, darkwing, wolf in dork's clothing