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      With: Reginald Bushroot, I think? Maybe? 'E's very nice and I care a lot about 'im.

      • Raindrop Flud

        Raindrop Flud

        About: ...ends a hand as a hero of Saint Canard, but enjoys spending time with, and hanging out with various criminals in Saint canard, such as her father, Bushroot, and Quackerjack.

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        • Harmonizer

          Plants, decisions and a whole lot of confusion.

          Bushroot goes on a nightly raid for supplies and bumps into trouble, Harmonizer has to choose between duty and friendship, Darkwing is confused. ((OOC: Let Bushroot go first.))

          • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

            RP: Elemental Cacophany

            ...onizer. "Spike! Get that out of your mouth!" Bushroot clicked his tongue at his eyes impatiently. "You are the one called 'Bushroot' correct?" The one called Bu...unexpected intruder. It wasn't often Reginald Bushroot was asked for by name, especi...

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            • Kamkairo

              What is a Shadowraith?

              ...y smog in place of his gas gunShadow Combat / Merge darkness with physical combat/melee NEGASHADOW - (NEGADUCK)Same as Darkshadow SHADOWROOT - (BUSHROOT)Dark Plant Manipulation / The...

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              • QuackerJack

                Oldie but a Goodie

                Artwork by me

                Tags: christmas, quackerjack, bushroot

                • QuackerJack

                  The Fab Four

                  Artwork by me

                  Tags: the beatles, fearsome four, bushroot, quackerjack, megavolt, liquidator

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