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    • Black Arts Devil

      Mirror, Mirror, at the Brawl (Reserved RP)

      Tomorrow the St. Canard Children's museum unveils a new exhibit of Fairy Tale objects, including the only recently rediscovered Looking Glass, but tonight, the museum is closed... Yeah, because that will stop him. Black Arts Beagle doesn't respect opening hours...that mirror was going to be HIS!...

      Tags: Quiverwing Duck, Mother Goose, Black Arts Beagle, OOH MAGIC MIRROR

      • Agent Gemini

        Sangre Moon Inn (RP)

        Currently near the river is a building that appears during red moons. Only magic users and the cryptid inclined can see the olden styled establishment. The building looks different to everyone.  It would be perceived by culturally the magic user would identify as a mystically protected build...

        Tags: red moon, sangre moon inn, Harmonizer, Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles, Black Arts Beagle, Ariana McCawber, Trevor Mallard

        • Agent Gemini

          Hatus Pocus (Open RP)

          “Almost through everything for today,” Gemini said out loud to herself as she opened the last crate beside the lab table. She had spent most of her day as SHUSH going through boxes of seized artifacts from various supernatural and not so supernatural events. Just another day of busy w...

          Tags: Agent Gemini, Halloween, Hocus Pocus, Ariana McCawber, Black Arts Beagle

          • Agent Gemini

            Safety Semi Guaranteed (RP)

            The following ad is posted in jobs on and for the Duckburg area. Anyone may reply:   Want to visit another country and see the sites? Love exploring and taking in new cultures? Only work one day and have all expenses paid and salary for seven days? Get p...

            Tags: agent gemini, harmonizer, black arts beagle, jacob mallard, Feliciana Carioca-Pistoles