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      Angels We Have Heard Drop By

      It had not taken much research to find Second Story Books. It was a bookshop that wanted to be found after all, not all did in his experience, and so Aziraphale had arrived. He was instantly disappointed. It should be stated for the record that even though he was an angel Aziraphale was very ...

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      • Aziraphale

        Paved with Good Pretentions

        It could have been difficult to know where Aziraphale had hunkered down in this strange new city. It could have been a pain in the pinfeathers to track him down, especially when he wasn't ansa'ing his phone.  It could have been difficult. It could have been. But it wasn't.  Because it...

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        • Mother Goose

          Angel of Contents

          Mother Goose had tried to be patient, she really had. There was a new bookstore in town- well, sort of new. She thought. Because although A. Z. Fell and Co, with lovely, hand-painted copperplate lettering and cobwebby coated windows, blended perfectly into the surrounding shops, the goose could n...

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          • Aziraphale

            Another Fine Mess

            Of all the Gin joints in all the world... He could have gone to any of them but instead he wound up here. An angel walked into a bar.... and not just any bar a Very Bad Bar. A den of degenerates called The Old Haunt. Before he’d even fully opened the door every eye was on him he had half ...

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            • Misunderstood Scientist

              Can't Read the Room

              Gyro was, in a word, drained and not particularly up to talking to another person. He tended to have a one-person minimum limit in his day-to-day socializing, and he'd already far exceeded that with having a board meeting with Mr. McDuck and those stupid vultures, repairing a malfunctioning gizmo...

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              • Aziraphale

                Inane in the Membrane

                It would be a few days after their initial meeting that Aziraphale would find himself 'reporting for duty' as it were. It didn't take much effort to find this so called 'bin'* and even less to explain his visit to security. Although his volunteering for testing seemed to cause some confusion. He ...

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