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    • Lilly Teal

      Comment on "RP: The Daily Grind"

      ...oded. "You opened a portal in my house?! Where my kids are?!" ARIANA MACAWBER CAN I SAY I AM VERY DISAPPO...-beast like he was just a very heavy dog. "Sorry, did I wake you up? Ariana, Javert. Javert, Ariana. Oh God...

      • Gladstone Gander

        Comment on "RP: Meet Your Maker"

        She stopped walking at "toots" but whipped around fast as a gasoline-so...ight up in strangling distance how reckless!  "Did you say Macawber, filth? Would you be acquainted with Morgana Macawber?" No... follow up threats or...

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        • Negaduck

          The Prison Instruments

          ...w on/side scene to the Portal Instruments. Reserved for Negaduck, Ariana and Morgana Macawber at this stage. Any questions...anard, right past a house that looked entirely out of place. The Macawber Mansion. Nobody had questione...

          • Negaduck

            RP: Razed from the Dead

            Following on from, uh, everything. Reserved for Mother Goose, Quiverwing Duck, Ariana Macawber and guess who's back, back again. Rated M for extreme - if cartoony - violence, disfig...

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            • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

              All about 'Rektcon'

              Welcome, friends! If you have reached this page it's because rektcon is now in effect...a comment on this page and your character will be added: Negaduck Malicia Macawber Scarlet Featherfan Piper/Ja...

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                ...her sticky hands on a very dangerous weapon. Macawbers and Manservants - Mal receives a surprise visit from her sister, Ariana, and Negaduck.  Coven Get It - Malicia reunites with her cousin, Ariana. Negaduck ruins everything as u...

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                • Negaduck

                  The Prison Instruments

                  Follow on/side scene to the Portal Instruments. Reserved for Negaduck, Ariana and Morgana Macawber at this stage. Any questions hit me up. Literally is fine. It was dark, stormy night... No, actually, as dramatic as that would have been, it wasn't. A soft spring morning, the breeze rolling pleas...

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                  • Negaduck

                    RP: The Daily Grind

                    Sometime after Lilly's spectacularly successful go at Supervillain for a Day... It had been peaceful. So peaceful. The sort of peace that a bookstore with a cute little cafe was meant to have.  Then a swamp monster slammed open the door.  No wait, that was no swamp monster. That...

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