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    • DarkwingPsycho

      Welcome to St. Canard

      ((OOC: Open to anyone who would like to RP!  I'm not a fast responder - in fact, I'll only be able to RP in the evenings, and even then, only one or two replies!  Stupid real life.)) The pavement crunched softly, grinding against the fleshy bottom of her webbed feet as the sun began to...

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      • DarkwingPsycho

        Gypsy Ariana

        Ariana as a disgustingly cute gypsy girl.  :)

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        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

          Hell Hath No Fury Like...

          Reserved for: Ariana and Malicia "Oy! Lady! Wake up! You gotta pay if you wanna keep sleepin' here!"  Groan. What time was it? What is time? Where even is this place? The Duchess rolled over to groggily regard the tavern wench through squinted eyes.  "Here." Gold coins were thrown at...

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          • Pretty Girl NegaChan

            RP: Coven Get It

            Some time after The Portal Instruments. Thanks to help from Morgana and some new friends, Ariana Macawber escapes from the Negaverse. The gate is left open, however, as there is still one red caped mallard to put back in his place... Standard night in St Canard. A security guard bound in a bank ...

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