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      About: Ariana McCawber: A twenty-three-year-old from Transylvania, Ariana first lived in Duckburg for a couple of years before moving skating with all her heart.  Beneath the layers of timidity, Ariana is also very adventurous and...

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          Quiverwing stopped walking and gave Ariana a look as if she had just sprouted a sma...d. "You thought--" The masked drake focused on Ariana's face again, his expression a little reproachful. "Yeah, I like you. You, Ariana. Now I don't even know what I...

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            Once Quiverwing had set Ariana onto the bus, he braced his hand a...r. He was starting to look up when Ariana spoke, rather sluggishly, but...t seemed as if he was reaching for Ariana's throat, but he did not actu...oon was complete. When he spoke to Ariana, he slurred thickly as if he...

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              Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

              ...r, it would be a peaceful morning if that dastardly damsel of distress, Mother Goose, hadn't loudly popped onto the scene and grabbed Ariana McCawber's arm. "Ariana!" she shouted. "I can't find...

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                Hug it Out

                ...t he was doing, the same thing he did quiet frequently. Or it was until Ariana walked in the door.  Oh...tried to see if she’d spotted him and of course locked eyes with Ariana. Well, there goes that. He g...

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                  ...Prison Instruments - Morgana receives a surprise visit from her sister, Ariana, and Negaduck.  Coven Get It - Malicia reunites with her cousin, Ariana. Negaduck ruins everything as...

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                    Welcome to St. Canard

                    ((OOC: Open to anyone who would like to RP!  I'm not a fast responder - in fact, I'll only be able to RP in the evenings, and even then, only one or two replies!  Stupid real life.)) The pavement crunched softly, grinding against the fleshy bottom of her webbed feet as the sun began to...

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                      Gypsy Ariana

                      Ariana as a disgustingly cute gypsy girl.  :)

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