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      Agent Gemini

      About: Full Name: While Agent Gemini doesn't have a part of her real name she...ay Current Occupation: S.H.U.S.H. Agent that handles extreme When she is working as a SHUSH Agent it is all about defense, defe...celets on both wrists. S.H.U.S.H. AGENT: Easy to move in black...


      • Agent Gemini

        Comment on "The Sword That Thirsts"

        Gemini wasn't familiar with that agent. She made a disappointed face, and hoped this agent had at least worked on to the witnesses,” for your help."   Gemini went to the hall and to her, “Ah, no. I'm Agent Gemini. Pleased to meet you. T...

        • Agent Carol Torres

          Comment on "Just Another Day At The Office (RP)"

          The collie agent started to respond but she perked her...your last question is coming. Hello, Agent Hudson. Agent Gemini would like to ask you a few questions. Agent Gemini, in answer to your previous q...records for this floor.  “Agent Von Dran? Are you alright? Do...

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            Doctor's Appointment (RP)

            Gemini arrived at the juice bar a half an hour early. She had realized th...others always had a certain demeanor. Gemini...ecked her cell phone for e-mails. The agent thought about sending a quick...description of what she looked like. Gemini then put away her phone witho...

            • Agent Gemini

              Just Another Day At The Office (RP)

              ...assing through S.H.U.S.H security Agent Gemini made her way up to where the...had shown up several hours early. Gemini felt would have no problem f...ow where to go.   The new agent was carrying a wooden box fill...bow. Once inside the elevator the agent did the same to hit the floor...

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                Precog Pictures

                Gemini got high as... basketball hoops on precog potion and this is what we got. 


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                  Gemini's Sinder Profile

                  I'm not looking for dating at the moment though. Swipe right if you want to go on adventures instead!    ((Art by Emily L'Orange. It is a parody of this right here. ))

                  • Sophie Sarcelle

                    The Old Condo

                    Sophie's first condo in downtown St. Canard overlooking the Audubon Bay Bridge and the waterfront.  After meeting Alex and becoming a SHUSH agent, both Alex and Sophie left their original homes and moved into a new condo closer to SHUSH headquarters.

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                      F.O.W.L Agent Roster

                      Current Heads of F.O.W.L.      Name    ...No   Current NPC   Agents     Name &...sp;  Rooster    Chief Agent       Ye...p;No Created by Crimson Cowl. A FOWL agent...

                      • Agent Gemini

                        Agent Gemini's SHUSH File

                        ...mid level and higher SHUSH have access to.)) Agent Gemini’s files start out with...  An organization out of Europe gives Gemini high marks and a high capture...F.O.W.L. It sites some work she did as a free agent between working in Europe to S...

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                        • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                          @Agent Gemini @Faustina "You. I like you."

                          • Rebarka Sterling

                            By Rebarka Sterling

                            "IN THE STARS! S.H.U.S.H.AGENT GEMINI.... ACTUALLY A CANCER?! Acclaimed astrologer confirms that the zodiac signs don't lie, 'She's like.... totally a Cancer man. Like... I can tell just by looking at her aura.' What HORRORscope of lies and...More

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                            • Agent Gemini

                              Just Another Day At The Office (RP)

                              ((OOC: technically open RP to anyone that is a member of S.H.U.S.H. If your character has a paranormal/magic/monster background and you haven't received a message from me about this RP please message me for some needed OOC info before joining the RP.))   After passing through S.H.U.S.H sec...

                              Tags: Agent Gemini, Agent Carol Torres, James Wolfe, Elliot Hudson, Jacob Mallard, Trevor Mallard, She doesn't mean to cause trouble but trouble causes her

                              • Agent Gemini

                                The Daily Grind (RP)

                                Gemini had just finished filling up gas in her little green car when she checked her watch. She still had some extra time before she had to leave for work.     She had in mind to go inside and grab a coffee and a sweet roll before heading to work. When she did the usual, going to the ...

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