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    • QuackerJack

      Comment on "Toys and Tarantulas"

      (Ah yes! :3 We talked about it on PM, hehe. :3)   Unfortun...Jack, his car was damaged since the beginning of his run-in with Bugmaster. With no car, and no, to make an escape... he did the first thing that came into mi...nbsp; ...grab Bugmaster's legs and hold on for dear life. XD

      • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

        Comment on "Return to sender"

        She couldn't help but straighten up proudly at being referred to as 'in charge'. But Lilly quickly blew the wind out of her sails with her next request. "I... suppose." Really not used to this level of 'excited' in her life anymore, outside of occasionally seeing Cassi. "Drinks it is."

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        • Piper/ Jade

          About Jade/ Piper

          Name: Piper Lee Voice Actress (Sounds Like):  La...nbsp;Trevor Mallard (Husband) Darkwing Duck (it's fre...(frienemy <3) Six (adores the little duckling) Scarlet (at...hief. - Has a fear of fire and spiders. - In events of tr...ves of how her daughter's life has t...

          • Launchpad McQuack

            To SHUSH or Not To SHUSH

            ...For Launchpad, Alex Shoveler, and Sophie Sarcelle for now. If other players want to get involved, PM me and we'll have fun figuring out a full of activity. Usually the building looked and sounded like any other facility...That'll allow me to access it after work without us having to figure o...

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            • Trevor Mallard

              Gabriel Mallard

              Trevor’s younger brother. Gabriel took over the family farm after the death of his and his brother’s parents. Although he...deavors, he himself preferred the quiet life and rather not get involved with...he one that patched up Trevor after battles with the supernatur...

              • Trevor Mallard

                Maria Fairbairn

                Maria was Trevor’s fiancee until she met her tragic end at the hands of Morogh, a vampire. Her death was what sent Trevor on his path as a hunter. She was a city girl that wanted a more quiet life so moved to the country where she fell in love with the farm lad.

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                • MegaVolt


                  Pictures of me, the Master of Electricity! Sparking with life, isn't it?

                  • MIllie Barr (a.k.a. Inflatabelle)

                    Events In My Crummy Life

                    Comics, storyboards and other sequential art depicting the sad life of Millie Barr


                    • Drake Mallard

                      Art Info and Usage

                      I do art DWD art and OC art. If you have artwork by me you may po...e, I'm open for commissions for them which are $14 or you can wait when I host giveaways via the wire for a free one. I am a busy du...ed you can see them here. own album when I start making them. This...

                      • Kamkairo

                        Trashyard Tate

                        Full name :: Tate Salvaggi Alias(es) :: Trashyard Tate Age...:: Off-white Skin / Fur / Feather color :: - Off-white fur from the collarbone up- Grey fur from...wn- Black fur from the elbows and knees down tipped with pink fingers and toes- Pink tail Speech :: - New Yo...

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                          Site Rules

                 important you read through the rules. The list is a tad lengthy, but it keeps the site running smoothly and will also answer some of your account being deleted and/or getting permanently banned from the website.    Acc...ter/sibling/etc pop up out of the blue....

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                            ...unts are manually verified by the administrator. In other words, when I'm online and see you waiting in the ' but sometimes I get busy and don't check the list. If you find you're In particular, aol and yahoo email addresses get blocked because there are a ridiculous numb...

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                            • Six

                              By Six

                              "Ah. The Negaverse. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Hehe. I love it."

                              • Drake Mallard

                                By Drake Mallard

                                "Don't let me stop you from meeting this Nigel. I'm sure he'll want to know who Trevor spends his life with. You're family after all."

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                                • Negaduck

                                  Lord Negaduck's Decrees

                                  OOC: This group is for arcs happening within the Negaverse.  18+ content permitted, please tag and flag as mature.  If you intend t...essage me in advance to discuss. There's only one portal across cu...'t meant to be easy.  And for you weirdos who haven't seen the pivota...



                                  • Celeste O Emberwing

                                    Not Meant to Be

                                    Celeste Tealwing had always been alone. Even before Lord Negaduck had burned down the orphanage, even among orphans, she had stood out as ...unusual. Like some invisible force pushed everyone and everything around her away.  This had made her sad as a child, but now, at fourteen, she just ac...

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