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    • Misunderstood Scientist

      Popping Bubbles

      Gyro broke away from his computer and began gearing up for an encounter with the idiot who had dared to insult his intelligence. He had NO idea who he was dealing with. He was Gyro Gearloose! Gyro the Genius! Gyro the Unconquerable! Gyro-He paused and wondered a moment if maybe, just maybe, he wa...

      Tags: aj crowley, gyro gearloose, bubble charts, the bubblegum is definitely black licorice, that robot is definitely sentient and in the process of going evil

      • Aziraphale

        Paved with Good Pretentions

        It could have been difficult to know where Aziraphale had hunkered down in this strange new city. It could have been a pain in the pinfeathers to track him down, especially when he wasn't ansa'ing his phone.  It could have been difficult. It could have been. But it wasn't.  Because it...

        Tags: AJ Crowley, Aziraphale, Friendship is Ineffable, who should be apologizing to whom, where's a witchfinder when you need one