Trevor Mallard

@ValHelwing Two could play this game all night since the duck did not move nor turn his stare away. He only narrowed his eyes at the crow's attempt to look cool.


Age: 302
Species: Frizzle Peking Duck
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Widower
Occupation: Monster Hunter/SHUSH Agent/House Duck

Trevor Mallard is an immortal 18th century monster hunter and a SHUSH Special Agent of the Department of Supernatural Investigations.

His Negaverse counterpart is a vampire.


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    • Agent Carol Torres
      Agent Carol Torres

      “His...mental health is not great. It’s Dad.” Carol sighed. “He bit and punched me when I visited him yesterday...”
      She glanced self consciously at the bandage on her hand.
      “The nurses have had to sedate him three times this week, and I hate seeing him drugged into a stupor. That isn’t living... He doesn’t eat or talk then, and when it wears off, Mom said he’s so confused, it makes him upset again. They were both in tears yesterday before he forgot where he was again and fought to get away.” The collie blotted her eyes with a tissue.

      • Trevor Mallard
        Trevor Mallard

        "It's good to see you too." Dimitri smiled. "Come in."

        The question caught him off guard. "I guess it depends on their health and other things." He looked at her in question. "Is something going on?"

        • Agent Carol Torres
          Agent Carol Torres

          Carol took a few calming breaths and fanned herself with one of the wasted disciplinary forms Agent Wolfe made agents fill out as punishment. One form was enough. Two was fine if a copy was needed, but five for the same minor infraction was over the top. She had not sought out the vanpire duck’s company to complain about Agent Wolfe, though. She had an entirely different matter on her mind...

          She smiled sunnily and swished her tail when Dimitri opened his apartment door, blushing a little when she looked into his blood red eyes.
          “Hello. Pardon. I hope I didn’t show up too early.”

          She’d arrived at the apartment complex ten mintues ago and she was still fifteen minutes early for their arranged meeting.

          “It’s good to see you.”
          She waited until she was invited in before speaking seriously.

          “Do you mind if I cut right to the chase? This has been weighing on my mind for a long time. I’d like to know what are the odds of a bite causing a sixty seven year old man to lose his life, or go insane from the transformation?”

          • Sans the Skeleduck
            Sans the Skeleduck

            "i thought you'd never ask!" Sans opened up his briefcase and handed the first drake a file. "i have everything right here."

            When Trevor opened it, however, a wind-up butterfly would spring out into his face, fluttering erratically. The paperwork did seem in order, at least.

            "oh, so that's where it went. heh heh. so, where's my cubicle?"

            • Trevor Mallard
              Trevor Mallard

              "Welcome." Trevor replied as he turned around to greet the newcomer.

              His colleague was busy with a case file and only waved at him.

              "You brought in all of the necessary paperwork required?" The curly feathered drake asked.



            No files.