Just Quackerjack

"Hello? Hey, other me? You still around?" they asked tenatively.


Species: A Really Upbeat Existential Crisis.
Gender: Genderfluid
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
With: My Beloved Dolly~ (Sort Of)
Occupation: Ex-Toy Maker, Misguided Supervillain

(revamped as of 5/15/18)


"It's me, Quackerjack! It's been a while, hasn't it?~"

One of two Quackerjacks let loose in this bizarre universe, QJ (or Justy, if you need to clarify between the two) is a cheerful troublemaker with a penchant for the fun and old-fashioned - as well as the villainous. 

While he may seem similar to his primeverse counterpart, he has a few notable differences... It's best not to get on his bad side, but it's arguably worse to get on his good side.

Quackerjack's universe of origin is known as the Softverse.



Quackerjack grew up in a family with his father and mother. He did have an older sister, but she left at just 5 years old to escape their abusive parents. The only thing she left him to remember her by was a little doll. The doll wasn’t much, but soon it became QJ’s everything.

His parents, from even when he was a baby, had decided they’d wanted him to become a scientist like his father and carry out his family’s legacy. When he protested, saying he wanted to become a dollmaker, the two of them became very violent towards him. Often times, they would use slurs and other cruel words, yelling at him until he did what they wanted. He was supposed to live for their desires, get good grades, and become a perfect clone of his father. Anything else was seen as disgraceful - and by that matter, punishable.

The only source of comfort he had was his doll. He would often talk to her, play games with her, anything to make himself feel better. He clung to that doll like a lifeline - it never yelled at him, it never forced him to do anything, it never called him names with that utter disgust like his parents did.

It was only a matter of time before his parents decided the doll had to go. Although he showed clear emotional attachment to it, his parents only saw it as a nuisance and a way for him to “avoid growing up”. One day, when he was around 8 years old, his mother simply snatched the doll from him and threw it in the fire.

This was the first of many breaking points for QJ. He tried to put on that act, the QJ that his parents wanted to see, in his early teenage years, but it was short-lived. He felt out of control, he felt powerless, and he had no doll to cling to. No one to listen to his problems.

Somewhere down the line, he snapped. It wasn’t an all-at-once thing, more like a gradual descent, but it all culminated in his first official crime - taking the place of the nearby toy factory’s owner. He’d deluded himself enough to believe that he would be the one to take over the company in its current manager’s place, and when that didn’t happen, he saw it through his eyes as an injustice to himself.

The next day, he’d effectively replaced the manager, as he’d seen as his right. No one suspected a thing - until the toy company’s products started becoming less and less kid-friendly. Dolls that exploded, teddy bears with actual fangs, all sorts of the toys QJ is known for today started being produced.

Eventually, the company went out of business, and QJ barely escaped by taking on the persona of the company’s mascot -the persona that would eventually become his “default setting”. Bringing the company’s trademark toy Mr. Banana Brain with him and giving it the personality of QJ’s former life as a manager, he set off to get revenge on his parents, blaming them for what had happened.

In a fit of ecstatic anger, he’d murdered his mother, leaving his father to wonder who he even was. Neither of his parents recognized the jester - which meant they felt no remorse for what they had done to him in the first place. This, however, still left QJ with the frightening feeling that his father would be coming back for him to take him away.

Still, seemingly satisfied with his newfound life, QJ became the supervillain we know and love (or don’t love), albeit with a few notable differences.


QJ’s modus operandi still has to do with his toys, but this QJ’s toys are more of an outlet for dealing with all that has happened to him. His true goals and motivations, however, lean more towards a broader scope of the idealized version of old-fashioned family that has long since gone out of style. Anything new, anything threatening is a disgrace to him - though yelling or things that remind him of his childhood too much will simply cause him to cry or cling to a doll like he used to do.

He enjoys old sitcoms and movies - the sickeningly sweet black and white ones with the all too perfect nuclear families and the lack of any real conflict. The people on the movies never yell at each other, never fight, never use cruel words, and are always smiling. This is the life QJ wanted for himself, so he attempts to brainwash himself into believing this was his childhood, that this was what he’d always known. Everyone should always be smiling. No one should be fighting. And if he didn’t make certain he knew exactly how these things went, if he didn’t force himself to watch his shows every day, he feared he might forget. That he might become a strict boring scientist just like he’d feared. So he smiles all the time, he is always happy and joyful, and he believes that the way the people on tv live is the way everyone is supposed to live.

This is the life he ends up believing he had, and this is the life he intends to create for himself - no matter what happens to others in the process. He believes everything will be better for him and them if he just gets what he wants. Everything is an elaborate game of dress up to him - and he wants this game to last forever.

And most importantly, he wants to bring back the doll that left him so many years ago. Often times he will try to force people to become like her, making them watch his sickeningly sweet shows or dressing them up against their will. But it’s never the same. There’s never the right doll. No amount of toys can change that, can it?

In short, he’s essentially a QJ that rather than just having a classical view on toys, is stuck in a version of the past that doesn’t exist and wants to make everyone else fit that mold too. He thinks it will make everyone happier, even if a few folks who don’t play fair have to take an infinite time-out.



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        "....What did you make it out of exactly...?" What...or WHO?!

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          "Quite." he giggles. "Soooo, did you like my gift? I made it special, just for you."

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            "...Don't give me that look." She looks away, crossing her arms. "I'm not unhappy, I'm-...." Experiencing a mid-life crisis before she was actually middle aged? A liar? Wallowing in self pity? DING, DING, DING. All of the above! "Okay, fine. Maybe you don't deserve all of my frustration. There, satisfied?"

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                "Well- I-" Softjack was at a standstill for a second, not used to being challenged. "Even if you would enjoy, ahem, less ladylike activities, I'd be content with something a bit more..." he fished for a word, "sophisticated? A nice dinner or -- oh,...
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                  "If you would behave, maybe I could explain!" Softjack chided, tone still unsettlingly soft, as if addressing children. "And, she's correct, it is you. Who else would it be?" he said. "Now please hand it over, dearest."
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                    Just Quackerjack posted on Mother Goose's message board
                    Suddenly, out of the bushes that were most definitely nearby, a telltale jingling of bells signaled the entrance of Softjack. "You bad, bad man, picking on a helpless lady like that!" he looked at Negaduck and pouted, wagging a finger and...
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                      "W...wouldn't feel righ--" Softjack started, but could only get so far before he noticed something very, very wrong out of the corners of his eye. "What are y-- Don't touch that!" he panicked, breaking character and lunging for the doll. "You don't...
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                        "Is the option I picked even really a question? Heehee!~ And besides, hot-dog-eating is so crude, blegh."
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                            Trying to keep behind his counterpart, Softjack watched the fight with great interest. "Hey, uhm, me? What exactly do you want me to do? You look like you've got everything covered here..."
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                              "Actually, I'm waiting for someone." Softjack said - or rather, lied- pointedly, clutching the lipstick in her hand a little tighter (as it was not as innocent as it appeared on the surface) and glaring. "If he sees you with your arm around me,...


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