Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)

Age: Mid-30s
Species: European Turtle Dove
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: St. Canard’s One and Only Criminal Cupid

“Adopted” by a local (and infamous) crime family, not much is known about exactly where this chaotic cupid comes from. However, once he made a name for himself in the crime world, be began to realize that his powers extended beyond just being a good shot - one well-placed shot from his prized gun could fill someone’s heart with something a whole lot different than the stinging pain of a bullet. Much like Cupid’s arrow, one bullet from his gun could make a person fall deeply in love with whoever so happened to be crossing their mind.

He isn't one to take a job or make a deal with someone, but with the right persuasion or the right price...

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    • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
      Vincent looked at the newest addition to the crowd, trying to reach once again for his trusty gun. "Heh, you new here? Don't think I've ever seen you around here before, wolfy-boy." He taunted, but winced at his pained wing once again. "D-damnit..."
      • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
        Vincent attempted to dodge the arrow, lunging to the side - however, he didn't quite realize that he was still tangled up with the chair. Falling to the ground with a thud, the arrow missed his head - but took a pretty good blow to one of his...
        • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
          Before Vincent could come up with a snarky remark to combat Jacob, he noticed the man being pulled aside by his accidental victim. Fortunate, he thought, even if it was unplanned. Sitting down to watch the scene as if it were a movie, he took a sip...
          • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
            Vincent barely had enough time to react as the net sailed at him, and although he nearly got away, his foot and one of his wings got entangled in the trap, the other end of it wrapping around a chair and effectively providing a temporary trap for...
            • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
              "Dammit-" Vincent started as the man lunged out of the way, but stopped when he noticed the other duck taking the bullet. A noble gesture, sure, but he knew that this could only lead to bad things for her - and all the more convenience for himself....
              • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
                ((ooc: okee doke my dude! wasnt planning on shooting him anyways lol)) "Psh, I'm sure i don't have anythin'." Vincent shrugged, then dug in his pocket. "All I got... is this!" at that, his quickly shot at Jacob, ducking out of the way so that his...
                • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
                  ((ooc: woah this blew up quick)) Vincent smirked. This was getting interesting. Slowly, he drew his gun out of his coat, and then, quicker than one could see, landed a blow right in Darkwing's chest, then returned it to his hiding place as quickly...
                  • Vincent Piccioncino (Cardiac Arrest)
                    Ah, now this was a perfect situation, Vincent thought to himself, observing the growing crowd with a smirk.  He just had to figure out how to get a shot in, and soon there'd be some entertainment. He just had to be quick about this - or find a...


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