Holly Goldstein

Age: 27
Species: Golden Sebright Bantam
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Showgirl/Dancer at the Golden Pheasant

Born in Duckburg as an only child, Holly is the daughter of a rabbi and a homemaker. More about her childhood will be revealed over time, but one thing is clear: She is not on good terms with her parents. She rarely speaks about what happened in her childhood that soured the relationship so deeply.

She left home at the age of 18 and she hasn’t spoken with her family since. She had few job skills, but she did have a lot of dance training under her belt. She found a job as a showgirl/dancer/singer at the Golden Pheasant, a luxury hotel and casino located in Duckburg.

Holly is high-spirited and adventurous. Holly likes to think outside-the-box. She’s very much at ease when it comes to interacting with people while proclaiming her oddball ideas. She has the confidence needed to get people to listen to them.

Holly is a jokester; she faces every challenge with some snarky or witty remark. Be it an ordinary situation or a life-or-death scenario, she always has her own comedic way of dealing with it. When terrible things happen that can’t be joked away or solved quickly, she can emotionally fall apart. Jokes become even more of a barrier between her and any negativity looming over her.

She is a loyal and loving friend but she does like to mess with people (this includes her friends). It’s never her goal to seriously do damage. For the most part, she just likes to tease people and start playful fights over silly things. Holly is quick on the draw, too. She wields her sharp wit like a weapon, but sometimes it can become a double-edge sword.


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