@barkybarkwoof "You sound like you smoke more than me to come up with these rumors. For the record I am a pacifist and never have thrown a punch in my life. " Posi says calmly.


Age: 37
Species: Peking Duck
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Hippie/Therapist

One of Darkwing Duck's doppelgangers, Dr. Drake Mallard also known by the stage name as Posiduck, is a therapist and singer from St. Canard in the Posiverse.

As a pacifist, he is against violence and as such took a more peaceful route than his counterpart in the main verse. Posi helps others to seek and have happy fulfilling lives through his therapy work He is a singer in a local band as a side job where he takes on the stage name of Posiduck where they spread their message of happiness, peace, and love through their songs. With his singing career, he donates and takes part in many humanitarian projects.



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    • Agent Carol Torres
      Agent Carol Torres

      “Dr. Mallard?” The collie agent called after knocking politely on Posiduck’s office door. “I’d like to speak with you off the record at your earliest convenience, Sir.”

      • Posiduck

        "You're the second person I've met that is from another dimension other than here." Posi looked a little surprised.

        "I'm not from around here either. In fact, I'm quite lost and don't know how to get back."

        The drake rubbed his arm nervously. "This place seems a little more hostile than where I'm from. "

        • Quiverwing Duck
          Quiverwing Duck

          "I'm getting used to people prying, although, apology accepted." Quiverwing eased up on the scowling and resumed his neutral if stony-faced default.

          "To answer your question, though, I'm not from around here. In the dimensional sense. I'm not bothering to try to hide that."

          • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
            (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            "Won't the glitter fall off?" she asked, tilting her head to the side. She didn't ask about glitter sticking to people's hands. After all, who doesn't love glitter being stuck on their hands?

            • Posiduck

              "Thank you. This shirt took awhile to get the glitter to stick and dry after I added it onto it."


              • Posiduck
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                Dr. Mallard spent the first few days exploring the city since he had never been to this place before. He took in the sights, did a little shopping, sampled the food, took a gondola, and also did some people watching after finding a good...
                • Posiduck
                  Posiduck commented on the blog Doctor's Appointment (RP)
                  Dr. Mallard entered the juice bar at the time he had been given and looked around wondering who he should be looking for. The drake was a short duck wearing a purple sweater vest with matching tie, pink long sleeved shirt, and rose tinted...
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                      RE: Email I'm usually available after work or on the weekends around 5-8pm. Let me know the time and place, I'll meet you there. ~Dr. Drake Mallard
                      • Posiduck
                        Posiduck commented on the blog Safety Semi Guaranteed (RP)
                        Reply to email. I can bring my credentials along when I come for the tour or can mail them to you. Just let me know the address. Ghosts? I believe there's some sort of an after life and spirits. ~Dr. Drake Mallard
                        • Posiduck
                          Posiduck commented on the blog Safety Semi Guaranteed (RP)
                          An email was sent from Dr. Mallard unaware of what he might be possibly getting into. Dear Sir or Madam, I am responding to your listing about needing a psychologist. I currently are employed at SHUSH Central as a clinical psychologist and could...
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                              "It's alright with me." Posi smiled.


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