Dr. Moira Rousseau

Species: Duck
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: SHUSH Forensic Psychologist, Therapist

Her career:

Dr. Moira Rousseau is SHUSH Central's first in-house psychologist, and the head of the mental health department (which currently only consists of her and Dr. Drake Mallard).

Her job's primary tasks are to:

  • provide forensic mental health evaluations on criminals and villains about to go on trial
  • assist with criminal profiling for active cases
  • conduct mental health "check-ups" on SHUSH employees every six months
  • provide short-term clinical therapy to some SHUSH employees (with Dr. Mallard handling the majority of the more complex and long-term patients)

Her personality:

Moira is always kind and sincere, and somewhat soft-spoken.  She does not like to be the center of attention, and gets embarrassed or nervous easily.  She is somewhat naive and likes to believe everyone has good in them, and that any criminal or villain can be redeemed.  (Negaduck included.)  Because of her overly trusting nature and eagerness to help those in need, Moira is very vulnerable and easily misled.  She becomes deeply hurt if that trust is broken, but she does not hold grudges. She forgives easier than most, and strongly believes in second (and even third) chances.

Having spent most of her time from a young age absorbed in her studies, what Moira knows about socializing was learned through study rather than practice.  Due to this, she is timid and socially awkward while interacting with people outside of work.  While she is most comfortable interacting with patients and coworkers, talking with new people becomes easier when the subject of conversation is related to her job's field in some way.

Moira has never dated, much less been intimate with anyone; conversations regarding anything concerning her dating/love life (or lack thereof) will cause her to blush and clam up out of nerves and embarrassment, regardless of how innocent or well-meaning they may be.  "Adult" topics, in general, result in the same reaction.

Now that she's settled in St. Canard with a job and her life is seemingly in order, she would like to make friends.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to go about it.  Her colleague Dr. Drake Mallard (Posiduck) is currently the only person she's gotten the courage to interact with outside of work.

A note on dormant powers:

Moira was born into a family of Supernaturals, but was assumed to be a Normal after failing to develop powers of her own, or the ability to use magic.  As such, she was raised and grew up to lead the life of an unassuming Normal.

She does in fact, however, possess dormant powers that no one -- herself included -- is aware of yet.

I have not yet decided when or how these powers will finally present themselves or why they never developed in the first place.  But they are clairvoyant in nature, and cannot be summoned at will.  They will usually present in the form of spontaneous visions that come at random times, often in her sleep.  These visions will vary in clarity, and could potentially help solve a case or save someone in danger.  However, a less detailed vision could also do more harm than good if it is misinterpreted.

Other manifestations of this type of ability may be added.  (If so, they will be of a similar nature, and also unable to be called on at will.)  She may also end up with a side effect that causes some sort of disturbance around her when she's extremely distressed or angry... but that is an extremely rare occurrence with Moira.  She will not have telepathic or telekinetic powers, the ability to see anyone's future outright, nor the ability to use traditional magic (spells, curses, etc.).



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    • Sans the Skeleduck
      Sans the Skeleduck

      "hi. you're dr. rousseau, aren't you? nice to meet you. i'm sans. new agent from the supernatural department, here for my first mental health evaluation. but as you can see i am in perfect health so i'll just take my leave, don't mind me. you look lovely by the way, bye!"


      • Dr. Moira Rousseau
        Dr. Moira Rousseau commented on the blog Friends of a Feather
        Elliot was too caught up in Ariana's beauty and her adorably innocent reaction to his flirting for his brain to register her words. Bank card...? What was a...? Oh! Bank card! Right. The drake's grin turned slightly embarrassed. But before he...
        • Dr. Moira Rousseau
          Dr. Moira Rousseau commented on the blog Friends of a Feather
          "Oh, no, that's fine."  Moira smiled, taking her card and putting it back into her wallet. "Thank you so much.  Have a wonderful afternoon."With an inward sigh of relief, Moira returned her purse to her shoulder and headed towards the...
          • Dr. Moira Rousseau
            Dr. Moira Rousseau commented on the blog Friends of a Feather
            "Oh! Right." Yes, obviously, they'd need an account number to know where to deposit the money.  Embarrassed by her slip up, Moira's cheeks reddened slightly as she quickly signed the back of the check and handed it over to Ariana.  "I'm...
            • Dr. Moira Rousseau
              Dr. Moira Rousseau published a blog post Friends of a Feather
              In her efforts to make friends outside of SHUSH, Moira discovers a sort of kindred spirit in Ariana McCawber.
                • DarkwingPsycho

                  Ariana did as she was told, although she only got down enough that she could still see what was happening over the top of the counter.  The tellers near her had either completely ducked under their counters or were standing in shock.  Why couldn't these robbers have gone to the St. Canard City Bank or Third National or McDuck Bank & Loan...?

                  The leader glared at the other masked man who had brought the male office worker.  "Go round up the tellers and get them out here!  I want everyone in this lobby sitting in plain sight!"  Then he turned his attention to the manager, seemingly uninterested in her the way his companion was.  "You're going to take me to the safe and get it open.  Now."

                  Jacob Mallard was whistling to himself as he rounded the corner toward the Sitting Duck National Bank.  He was going to pay off a loan he had acquired for...personal reasons...and wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up in person.  When his hand fell on the glass entrance, he paused and frowned.  For one thing, it wouldn't open, and for another, he could see that there was a thick metal chain and lock holding the door closed from the inside.  The sun was shining on his side of the building, making it hard to see farther inside until he pressed his face against the glass and cupped his hands around his eyes.  When they adjusted, he noticed the two figures in the lobby with guns and a handful of terrified citizens.

                  He was already moving around the back when there was the sound of a gunshot, quickening his pace.

                  "That was a warning to anyone who doesn't put their cell phone on the ground!  Slide them over to me or you won't have any fingers to text with anymore."  Once the hostages had complied, he started to nudge the bank manager.  "Well?  Let's go!"

                  They had only taken a couple of steps before he noticed Moira.  He glared.  "Did you hear what I said?  On the ground."  He pointed the gun toward the psychologist.

                  • Elliot Hudson
                    Elliot Hudson

                    The second lackey muttered something under his breath about his boss’s... well, bossiness... before heading back to corral the remaining tellers and get them on the floor.

                    Meanwhile, the manager seemed more annoyed at the inconvenience than worried for her life.  Yes, yes.  She knew the drill.  She didn’t put up a fight when he ordered her to take him to the vault, as she’d do just about anything at the moment to get away from his lackey’s tuna fish breath.

                    Elliot kept his gaze on the leader, his eyes nervously shifting between him and the still frozen Moira as he put his cell phone on the floor.  He still had his SHUSH communicator and his gun, but they were concealed and would remain that way until he got an opportunity to—

                    The barrel of the man’s gun swinging in Moira’s direction triggered Elliot into action.  The timid woman had been startled out of her shock, but was clearly still too scared to move due to the large gun pointed at her.  Knowing Moira had frozen up and would likely get shot if something wasn’t done, Elliot decided to take action while all three robbers had their attention on the psychologist. 

                    Quickly but discreetly drawing his own gun, he fired two shots at the leader’s firearm in an attempt to render it useless.  While the leader and the lackey beside him were reacting to that, he immediately got up and fired a couple of shots at the lock on the door, hoping it would break it.

                    “EVERYONE OUT!  NOW!  GO GO GO!” Elliot ordered, jumping on the lackey who had brought out the tellers to prevent him from firing at any innocents.  Fortunately, the one with the leader seemed not too bright, and was clearly confused as to what to do now.

                    It was a reckless move, maybe.  But he was a SHUSH agent; he could not just stand by and do nothing.  He just had to hope that these guys were the typical goons that didn’t have backup plans in the event of uncooperative, armed hostages.

                    • DarkwingPsycho

                      Ariana and the rest of the tellers obediently followed the masked man out front and sat with their backs against the counter.  Or they would have, had chaos not suddenly broken out in the lobby.

                      The leader howled angrily as his gun was jerked off course, it went off, shredding a nearby ficus.  "What the -?!"  He looked up to see a redheaded duck on the back of one of his minions.  He glowered at the one nearest to him as some of the civilians started making a break for the door.  "GET THEM!"

                      Ariana had stayed in place, staring at Elliot as he wrangled the gunman, feeling a familiar flicker in the pit of her stomach.  It wasn't until a few minutes later that she realized everyone else was trying to run, and she was swiftly missing her window of opportunity.

                      Jacob discovered the back had been chained from the outside and made quick work of the lock as he moved inside, gun at the ready.  He came across some cowering employees hiding.  "How many?" he inquired lowly.

                      One held up three fingers.  Jacob nodded over his shoulder.  They didn't have to be told twice and made a break out the back.  More gunshots made him move faster, although he wasn't reckless about it.

                      While his less-than-stellar compatriot blocked the exit with his gun at the ready, the leader had one hand gripping the bank manager's upper arm and his other had dropped the disabled gun and pulled out a Glock.  He was aiming for Elliot.

                      "You," he snapped.  "Off.  NOW.  Or I blow her brains out..."  He shifted the barrel of the gun toward the woman he held hostage.


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