Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

@Duckpool @drakemallard "Daaaaaaaaaad! You NEVER let me have any fun! Besides, we've gotta help save his daughter!"


Age: 9
Species: duck
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Occupation: student/caped crusader

Gosalyn is a rambunctious, athletic, caring little girl who lived with her grandfather, Prof. Waddlemeyer, until his death. The orphanage was home for a while, until a certain masked avenger swooped in and adopted her. She loves tagging along on dangerous adventures, and often gets in over her head. She also prides herself on being able to manipulate others in order to get her way, which means avoiding punishments and homework - win! Hockey is her favorite sport, but she'll play pretty much anything active since she has so much energy. She also enjoys playing Whiffle Boy, especially when she gets an opportunity to beat her dad at it. Her alter ego is the Quiverwing Quack, who usually shows up to bail Darkwing out of sticky situations.



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    • Drake Mallard
      Drake Mallard

      "You know I won't hurt you right?" Drake's embrace tightened a little.

      • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
        Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

        She looked surprised, then hugged him back. "I love you too, Dad. What brought this on?"

        • Drake Mallard
          Drake Mallard

          Drake scoops up Gos into a snuggle. "I love you."

          • Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
            Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

            "Great! We play tomorrow!" She clapped her double on the back. "And if Tank bothers you I'll clock'im for ya!"

            • (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard
              (Nega) Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

              Gosalyn looked on curiously as her twin demonstrated how it was done. It looked simple enough, much easier than dancing on ice. She probably could do that, but it was so... rough and unladylike. And what if she hurt herself or someone else? With a stick like that, she could put out someone's eye!

              But she did want to make Gosalyn Prime happy...

              She blinked and beamed when she misinterpreted her twin's words. "I could? Yay! Um, I mean, I'll do my best!"



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